Pissed off city councilor threatened to subpoena police commissioner over horses

At-large Councilor Steve Murphy, who wants to bring back horses to the police department, was more than annoyed when Police Commissioner Bill Evans didn't show up at a hearing today and began threatening to use his subpoena power to force him to appear. After a bat signal went out, the Globe reports, Evans did show up, said he was busy planning a summer program to keep kids from shooting each other.



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I watched today's city council meeting during which they debated and voted on the city's operating budget, and the Boston schools operating budget with a lot debate about the plan to stop busing middle school students and put them on the T instead. They're cutting $60 million from Boston schools, which I think is a big mistake.

Murphy was contrarian, a bit of a troll, and tone deaf. After voting to cut $60 million from the schools, he proudly announced Boston Police would have the equine unit restored.


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There's a novel idea. Let's stop all busing and let kids go to school in their own neighborhood. Kids might actually go to school!



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been talking about fixing BPS for over 2 f'n decades. If you gave them an extra $1B it wouldn't make a difference.

at least

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one of these public servants has their priorities straight.

What attending the annual

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beginning of summer anti-gun violence meeting which has never made a difference. Don't worry we still have the middle of summer press conference.

Why should taxpayers have to

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Why should taxpayers have to pay for Murrphys nostalgia of cops on horsies? Thats an outdated expense and his obsession with them should be kept to his personal hobbies, not at taxpayer expense. Move on and go to Suffolk Downs Murphy on your own time.

Because police horses work

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Because police horses work well in sports riots, large crowd situations, and overgrown parks. All situations where BPD's lack of a mounted unit has proven problematic the past few years. Other cities have been adding or expanding mounted units because of this.

If it worked so well in

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If it worked so well in sports riots then why did they still kill 2 people (one shot during the red sox celebration, one killed during the celtic win). Please cite the sources where these other cities are expanding horsies for cops?

What a waste

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It's hard to believe that having cut millions from the schools budget and forcing 7th and 8th graders to take the T across town twice a day for school, Murphy want to spend a few million on horses.
When the guy was at the Dem Convention he didn't bother to vote for gov, lt.gov or treas. He only voted for AG because the mayor told him to.
Did Boston really elect this waste of a guy to city-councilor at large?