Police hunt perv for two attacks on the Green Line

Transit Police report they are looking for this guy who "indecently assaulted two female patrons" on an inbound E train between Longwood and Copley around 6:15 p.m. on Jan. 15.

Tips to 617-222-1050; text anonymous tips to 873873.



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The T's

Perv of the week contest is getting old.

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Perv of the Week?

By on

I thought it was perv of the day, wait till late night service starts

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Late night?

Very few of these incidents seem to be happening outside of rush hour or daytime hours.

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They should

By on

do a better job isolating the suspect from the general population in these videos (perhaps by putting a circle around them, or an arrow, or even blurring the faces of the innocent bystander.)

It's hard to see who this guy is, other than the fact that he has a bald head.

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Or finding a way to export

By on

Or finding a way to export the security video directly to YouTube, instead of uploading a shaky cell phone video of a monitor screen.

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Suspect pictures

By on

Pausing and highlighting the suspect a little better in the videos would help with the identification of these people.

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