Revere resident who was injured at the Marathon sues Glenn Beck

A Saudi citizen currently living in Revere is suing conservative radio host Glenn Beck, alleging Beck kept identifying him as the financial backer of the Marathon bombings long after federal officials decided he had nothing to do with them - except to be injured when the bombs went off.

In a libel lawsuit filed last week in US District Court in Boston, Abdulrahman Alharbi says that while other media outlets reported on his Revere apartment being searched, only Beck named him and "falsely accused Alharbi of being a criminal who had funded the attacks that took place at the Boston Marathon. His suit alleges that Beck called him the bombing "money man" on May 8.



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    Claiming that someone who was the victim of terrorism IS a terrorist is libel.

    I hope that he wins.


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    Put Glenn Beck out of business

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    Absolutely! Pay the guy's legal bills, yep! But please don't insult us by insisting that this guy deserves a huge LOTTERY payment.


    I mean, its not like he was seriously injured by flying shrapnel requiring a lengthy hospital stay or permanent disability or anything like that, only to be accused via national media of causing it.

    No, nothing like that.

    If you are ever libeled

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    I will be insulted if you are paid damages one cent above any legal fees you may have incurred.

    Since cnn has found the

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    Since cnn has found the Malaysia plane and all.. And since website isn't ugly red all over and does not have a poor layout

    Beck=American hero

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    Glenn Beck - A true American hero. God Bless the guy. The way he drives all you lefties even loonier than you already are, makes him definitely one of the good guys.


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    Falsely accusing someone of participating in terrorism is totally cool if it bothers the people who disagree with your politics. It drives them totally looney, the way they hate innocent people being smeared! What dingbats!

    Please do tell, what else justifies the means in the game of pettily prodding your ideological foes?

    As I keep saying (and seeing)

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    And no I don't agree with this statement, but I keep seeing this happen everywhere.

    "It's OK to shun/belittle/accuse/discriminate against another group of people, if it furthers you or your own group of people's agenda"

    It must be OK if it keeps happening... (again I do not agree, but I keep seeing it happen)

    Glenn Beck

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    He's got a severely mentally ill form of extremism that's too friggin crazy even for Fox. That tells you everything you need to know about him and the suckers who worship his excrement..

    Silly Leftists, Beck is for adults.

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    You silly leftists actually believe the Massachusetts fantasy world you live in is the norm. AND, it's amazing how easy it is to set you all off on tirades, tantrums and bloviating lectures. Oh you insufferable fools. It's like dealing with pre schoolers. You make for such great entertainment. Now, once again: Ready, set, let the exploding heads begin. Better than TV..

    Horrible, horrible libtard

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    Horrible, horrible libtard Massachusetts with our better than the national average economy, education, health, etc, and our world leading colleges, biotech research, etc. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!

    Yup, a true 'Libtard' paradise

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    Taxes through the roof, climbing unemployment, business's leaving every day, for every new arrival, 2 move out to getaway from all the laws and regulations, rising crime rates, free tuition, healthcare and driver's licenses for illegals while citizens pay through the nose. Yup, a real liberal paradise this Bay State. And you 'Libtards' remain clueless.. Sad, but again, very entertaining to watch play out

    Red State inbreeding

    populates the wingtard base. The republican nationalist convention could be a family reunion exploring their one sided family tree.

    delusional libtards

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    And there you libtards go again. You don't even know if I still live in this state. You 'assume', just like you assume that you know what you're talking about and you assume that anyone even takes your rants and tantrums seriously. Keep on 'assuming'. it's really all you libs have got. Facts? nope. Backup data? uh uh. You can only assume that you know what reality is. Amusing. You must know that people in other states - in REAL America, refer to you all as 'Massholes"? Bet you can't even figure out why. I love this.. I've got all of you in a hissy fit, yet, you all think you are clever instead of delusional. It's like teasing monkeys at the zoo..


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    I had fiddy-bucks you were that monkey teasing zoo-goer creep! Figures...lmfao

    Beck is a genius.

    The great thing about his act is that he doesn't believe anything he says yet his sycophant followers haven't figured that out yet. He is an amazing moneymaking pied piper who could care less about the rubes he makes bazillions off of. Enough said. I need to get back to work on stocking my bomb shelter before the sharia law toting muslims, ATF supplied gun toting Mexicans, Obama ordered rioting Blacks and hollywood types "get me".

    Likewise for Ann Coulter

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    "The great thing about his act is that he doesn't believe anything he says yet his sycophant followers haven't figured that out yet. He is an amazing moneymaking pied piper who could care less about the rubes he makes bazillions off of."

    Likewise for Ann Coulter. She found a way to make money off these rubes and is laughing all the way to the bank.

    he doesn't believe anything

    he doesn't believe anything he says yet his sycophant followers haven't figured that out yet.

    You've just described 90% of the right-wing media. Their whole motivation is to get people to sign up for their mailing lists so they can sell their email addresses to other marketers.

    Yes we should ALL

    look up to a cokehead former Morning Zoo keeper who figured out how to keep the morons into thinking he actually believes the crap he pitches daily. Yes, that's who I rely on for my political decisions!

    Is there actually a way to argue without sounding from one side?

    I want to somehow state this without somehow trying to pander that I'm actually from ____ side. And I don't want to make a statement that put in squarely from the other side. Because many of my views and reading would be put in the conservatives. Yet, I know what I'm going have to argue would put on the left. And stating the stuff before just looks like an attempt to balance or pander.

    So whatever - how the hell is it cool to state this guys funded the bombers when it seems he did no such thing? The fact he is one of the people hurt by the bombs seems to say this is actually an insult on top of his injury. If I was in his shoes - I would be pissed. And rightfully so. I mean the information seems to be that Glenn Beck announced this man as a financier to the bombers - that alone is a huge attack on his name. The fact he is one of the victims make this a huge insult.

    What other thought process can be made given these information? Assume it is false? Magically ignore it?

    Some people just like being partisan

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    The value of Fox News or its editorial tone is one issue, and you are right that it clouds the discussion. The discussion shouldn't be on editorial tone, but on facts (as opposed to views of facts.)

    Glenn Beck accused the guy of being involved in the bombing. A lot of outlets did, in the first day or so. Beck kept to the story long after the victim was cleared (and his being cleared was reported in news outlets.)

    Why Beck doubled down on this bit of false information is beyond me. He should probably pay for this.

    Just checking...

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    You know that if you pull off their hijabs, they aren't all Old Man Ferguson underneath? Right, Scoob?

    Minor Correction

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    It looks like the suit was filed in D. Mass., not New York.

    Fixed, thanks

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    When I looked the case up in PACER, there was another, unrelated case with a similar name that had been filed in New York. Obviously, I conflated the two.


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    Isn't that a car from the 70s? I mean I had one as my first car, it wasn't a great car, but got me from point A to point B. Total rust bucket tho.

    (okay bad attempted at joke)

    No worries!

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    I noticed only because I was curious how Mr. Alharbi was going to establish NY jurisdiction. Keep up the good work!

    Probably pretty similar to

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    Probably pretty similar to Christian law, since the two are very similar, especially the extremists in both camps.

    I'm curious as to an example

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    I'm curious as to an example of recent "Christian Law" in practice. I'm assuming you mean literally eye for an eye, and the like....
    I've heard of none, but I could've easily missed it.

    I thought the poster meant

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    I thought the poster meant Christian Law as in Sharia Law, you know literally eye for an eye, losing a hand caught stealing....
    The ten commandment thing has been around for decades and no one gets hurt, as far as I know.
    Any other examples?

    El Salvador

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    Where the Catholic Church has told the state to make laws that prohibit abortion, regardless of need, no matter how many women die as a result.

    Except, like "an eye for an eye" and homosexuality, the New Testament doesn't say anything about abortion, either.

    So I guess you could just call that Catholic Sharia.

    What the... what!?

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    Patricia>>>>"The ten commandment thing has been around for decades..." Really? Decades? Are you friggin kidding me? Get. Back. Under. That. Porch!

    Wait, Beck?

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    Why is he suing the musician?

    Is Glenn Beck someone else? Never really hard of him ...thought they were talking about the singer. Or are we talking about the star of 'Damages?'

    All it matters he has money

    All it matters he has money and deserve to feel the pain of losing it (or the pain of debt if he doesn't have the money) for making up shit defaming a man who deserve none of this.

    Good morning session

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    Wow, this was a good morning session of the Two Minute Hate Drill. Bravo everyone. Next time, you can just put up a picture of him or Bachman and relieve yourself of any reporting duties or even any typing in general.

    Love the sinner; hate the sin.

    Next time, you can just put up a picture of him or Bachman and relieve yourself of any reporting duties or even any typing in general.

    Umm... you understand the difference between, on the one hand, the mere mention of Glenn Beck, and, on the other, an article about Glenn Beck acting particularly malevolently towards an innocent person?

    Too bad he can't file elsewhere

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    MA doesn't allow punitive damages for defamation. So his award isn't going to be as painful as it could be if he could triple the damages like in some other states.

    US District Court

    This is a Federal law suit.

    Not sure what the federal laws say, but he isn't filing under the MA law.