Two-alarm Roxbury fire injures resident, firefighter and two cats

Boston firefighter gives oxygen to a cat

Firefighter Frank Rogier administers oxygen to one of the cats. Photo by BFD.

Firefighters rushed to 23 Greenville St. around 10:40 p.m. to battle what turned into a two-alarm fire in a three-story apartment building.

One resident was taken to the hospital with burns; one firefighter suffered a knee injury. Two cats were brought out suffering smoke inhalation. Both revived when firefighters gave them oxygen.

The cause of the fire, which did an estimated $100,000 in damage, is under investigation.

The other cat being treated.



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    Great Work BFD... You guys

    By on

    Great Work BFD... You guys rock! This pictures speaks for itself. Love it!

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    By on

    Poor Kitty! Im glad that they and their owners are alright. Kudos to BFD for saving the pets! <3

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