T buses collide on the Turnpike

At 8:41 a.m., State Police reported:

RT 90 EB, east of Prudential Tunnel, 2 MBTA buses collide.One driver injured, right lane closed.Traffic delays

In addition to the driver, three passengers were taken to Tufts Medical Center, State Police say. Uninjured passengers were transferred to another bus for the rest of their journey.

The T reports the crash is responsible for minor delays on the 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 553, 554, 556 and 558 routes.



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Not sure how

There was a disabled truck in the Ted Williams at that time, and traffic was (and still is) at a near standstill, all the way to Weston.

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Bus routes involved in crash were a 501 bus and 505 bus.

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Just drove passed it all

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Just drove passed it all going west...going to be a looong morning for a lot of people. 2 fire trucks and about 10 cruisers.

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Minor delays? Stopped traffic

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Minor delays? Stopped traffic on 128-to-Pike ramps in Weston. I pulled over, checked traffic, and took Beacon Street, which was the right move.

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"Minor" delays

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And by minor they mean it's going to take more than twice as long as it usually does to get to work

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