Video of the moron who punched Keytar Bear

Boston Magazine gets a short video showing the performer getting sucker punched.



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    Use 1k of that money raised

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    Use 1k of that money raised as reward to turn him in. I'm sure it won't amount to much punishment in MA but let's get him in jail at least for a night

    If Keytar Bear doesn't file a

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    If Keytar Bear doesn't file a police report, the cops can't arrest anyone - they can't even investigate.

    Not true

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    If police have evidence a crime was committed, they can follow up. They don't have to wait for the victim to act when they know something went down. If they are presented with enough evidence prior to the victim making a report, they would have to follow-up. However, if the victim refuses to cooperate, the difficulty in making their case may convince them not to continue to work on a minor battery like this.


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    Hero, at work I can't walk one bloke without being asked by 5+ people for money.


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    and Yutz. You're both. This guy is a musician. He's not asking you for money. If you want to make a donation walk over and do so otherwise keep walking. (to New Jersey hopefully)

    Anybody who has ever worn a

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    Anybody who has ever worn a big head mascot costume will have a story about getting bopped in the face. The worst offenders are 10-year old boys.

    There's just something about the costume that causes people to forget that there's a miserable, overheated human being inside and not an actual cartoon character.

    Fanueil Hall is not safe at night

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    This crime along with dozens of other brazen beatings do no get reported to the police so they do not get registered as crime numbers when the monthly statistics come out. We do not have a low crime rate in the city we have a low reporting rate.

    Could there be a reason it's

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    Could there be a reason it's not reported? I mean, I would report a crime there.. If I was punched I would absolutely call the police.. My first instinct would be to fight back unless it were a group

    I'm not sure about the

    I'm not sure about the reporting, but I do agree with you about that area's safety at night. There's almost no reason for most people to there, so some of the people who are there, might be up to no good. If you're coming up from the Aquarium area to Government Center, there's not really a safe-feeling way to do it, right?

    i dont see the big deal. he

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    i dont see the big deal. he got punched. Hes standing outside screaming for attention. Why are people surprised? Im not condoning punching this guy but seriously..i was a street vendor before and have been attacked by drunken sox fans. Because i didnt wear a stupid suit i dont get a benefit show?

    High horse

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    Maybe if you did something that a lot of people really liked instead of trying to foist trinkets or whatever on drunken Sox fans, yeah, somebody would do a benefit for you.

    Possibly hard to imagine, but, yes, a lot of people really, really enjoyed Keytar Bear. Some people just loved the idea of some guy in a goofy teddy-bear outfit playing music in a subway station. It's different. It's kind of charming. Brings a smile to your face on an otherwise dreary commute. And then some moron goes and punches him in the face and breaks his nose.

    Hey, if that doesn't float your boat, that's fine, don't go to the benefit.


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    Never said i was against him being there or the fact he is out there. And I never said I was special for "foisting trinkets". I'm just saying I dont see why the city is in an uproar about it. So many injustices and other problems around town and this is what people are focusing on this. I guess i just dont see it.

    No offense

    No offense, but if you're 'just some guy' performing, or 'just some guy' being a street vendor, then people usually aren't going to find you very memorable. Keytar Bear is memorable and amusing -- he's one of Boston's "characters" who all the locals know who you're talking about. It's not that he was a street performer who was assaulted, but rather that he was a recognizable face who was assulted. Keytar Bear is someone who people find an odd connection to, and they find him goofy and amusing.

    Screaming for attention?


    This is called making a living. He's doing well with it because he's damn good at it.

    Also, performing in public is no more a license for assault than wearing a dress is an invitation to rape.

    Get your head screwed on right, please.

    im sorry but..

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    wearing a bear costume and wearing a dress are two very different things. No one should ever attack anyone else like that, i agree.. but seriously? i'll keep my head screwed on the way it is if thats how you view the world.

    Hey, you know what?

    Fuck you. He's not "screaming for attention". Unlike 90% of the assholes begging for money in this town, he's not smoking a 10 dollar pack of cigs. Nor is he wearing sparkly white kicks. He is a nice man who at least provides entertainment and puts a smile on people's faces for the change he collects. What have you done to put a smile on someone's face today?

    Aah another legend

    By on ones own mind.. Seems to be a lot of it going around.

    In more appealing news, I hoisted that Keytar clip for my 7000 person G Plus urban travel community as part of my ongoing Boston input and he was an instant hit.

    The owner just fired up a book of Face version so she'll probably hoist it there.

    Fats Waller was an early counterpart to Keytar playing a pump organ on Harlem streets in the 1920s to accompany his father's sermons.