West Roxbury Pub sold; to become another Irish pub

The West Roxbury Bulletin reports the owner of the West Roxbury Pub has sold the place to Diarmuid O'Neill, who plans to remake it into Eat with Jack O'Neill.

The Boston Licensing Board considers the sale at a hearing next Wednesday.

No word on the fate of the James Michael Curley murals that line the four walls of the pub's dining room.



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Boston could use a modest deirishpubification

dumpy joint

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No one ate there except previous commenter. The new place cannot be any worse.

West Roxbury Pub

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The new owners of the WR Pub, Diarmuid and his wife, are the owners of the Squealing Pig in Mission Hill and Provincetown. Speaking of the Mission Hill location, it is a great place! The food on the menu is excellent, the owners and staff super friendly and the atmosphere is very homey.
Diarmuid is very involved in our community of Mission Hill and is a very good small business neighbor that cares about the communities where his business is located. You couldn't ask for a better person!
Just saying, in case anyone is wondering.



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The Squealing Pig was one of my favorite places for food, drink & socializing when I worked in Longwood. I would love to have something similar in West Rox.

Good news

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I was really excited to hear this. Back in the mid 90's this place used to have a great restaurant and it was as busy as the Corrib. Then the food and service tailed off and it became basically a bar and a function room for pols to host their times.

The Squealing Pig is walking distance from my office and the WR Pub is walking distance from my house. Looking forward to another good restaurant being back in the neighborhood.


Good news!

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The owners of The Squealing Pig are good people that run a good business! This is good news for West Roxbury!