You know the Bunka the governor always retreats to in a blizzard?



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    You think the state hires people from an application pool? You have to know someone and contribute to someones campaign to even have your resume looked at.

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    that's interesting...

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    ... because i got hired for the state without knowing a soul. just wowed 'em with my academic credentials and my professional experience. seemed to work out okay without being someone's lackey.

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    Not to call BS on you but

    I presume you were in an IT or other quantitatively oriented position? I spent years attempting to get a job like this one mentioned before I gave up. Multiple degrees from allegedly prestigious institutions, professional designations and decades of experience. Didn't matter. I saw the jobs go to younger, less experienced members of protected classes or REALLY connected political hacks whose appointment was an "in your face" payback for wet work that nobody could talk about. I refused to do anything which, if recorded, would subject me to incarceration. I know others who were not so scrupulous. Some of them paid the price. If you start out being naive in this state, you won't end up that way.

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    actually no.

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    i am definitely not in a "quantitatively oriented" position. and it did take me quite a while to get hired on with the Commonwealth. i probably applied for dozens of state jobs before i even got an interview. i am not saying it's easy - it's not. for every position like this, we usually get over 200 resumes, and many of these folks are qualified. and we have to narrow it down to about 5 people we want to interview. those are seriously not great odds.

    i am not denying that patronage and cronyism happens. as in any state, that will always be part of the equation, and some agencies are worse than others. but not everybody in state government got there by those means. i didn't, and neither did anybody on my team.

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