Yuppies cruisin' for a bruisin' in Southie?



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    Written by a yuppie

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    I was convinced it was a yuppie trying to make Southie people look bad, and now after realizing they put the wrong time for the meeting I'm even more convinced.


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    ... needs to grow up and realize that never leaving the place where you grew up makes you an ignorant chump, not an owner of public resources.

    rootless, friendless and pathetic

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    It must be so sad for you rootless, friendless, self absorbed modern nomads to not know what it's like to be actually from some place and part of something bigger than yourselves. Pity the condescending, self proclaimed trendsetters and their shallow empty lives. Yeah, us 'Southies/Townies' pity you, but you still wont take our parking spaces.

    By "our"

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    parking spaces I'm sure you mean private driveways, garages, parking lots, etc., and not public street parking that is legally available for anyone with a resident parking sticker. Since that is clearly what you mean, I would suggest you have these offenders towed out of your private parking spaces immediately.


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    I love seeing Yuppies walking around pregnant or pushing a baby carriage. You know they're on their way out of the City in a year or two. Good riddance to all your whining.

    I don't think

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    pregnant yuppies are the ones whining about parking and posting fliers with pictures of two people fighting in the middle of the street...

    Whereas when you see the

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    Whereas when you see the townies walking around like that, it means they'll be getting a better spot in Old Colony.

    Whereas when you see the

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    Whereas when you see the townies walking around like that, it means the Boston court system is about to get some new customers!

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie

    I have never seen anyone from

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    I have never seen anyone from Charlestown in Southie raving for spot. Charlestown people are called townies

    And did you know that

    And did you know that "Frankenstein" is actually the name of the doctor, not the monster! I know, really cool, right?

    shallow empty lives?

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    Um, look in the mirror, chump. You are obsessing over control of property that you don't own. Pissing on everything like a mangy dog that ain't house broken.

    Grow up.


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    Yes little Yupster. Shallow, empty and sad...You people are so petty and miserable, you can't even stand to be in each OTHERS company.

    More Projection than a Multiplex!

    Aren't you the guy who is constantly whining that everyone is soooooo libbbbruhhhhlll and how Massachusetts isn't the "real America" like those wonderful places down South who force prayer into everything, have high divorce rates, and let their neighbor's houses burn down?

    Yeah. You love living here so much that you never shut up about how much you hate it. Miserable, indeed.

    That bigger thing

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    What is that thing again - you know, that thing you're a part of that's bigger than yourself?
    Is it just an XXL size version of you? My best to Daphne and the rest of the gang.

    Yes shallow empty lives! I

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    Yes shallow empty lives! I grew up in Southie and noone I know here needs to grow up or pisses on anything like they aren't house brojen. It is sad when people move in to a beautiful place you love and try to change everything about it! Maybe you should see where we are coming from.


    well, maybe you should put the blame on all the original southie people who sold out to the newer types, and moved out of the neighborhood. If the old southie types didn't cash in, the newer types couldn't move in.

    It seems that people who

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    It seems that people who whine the most about natives in the Boston area tend to be the most self conscious about wherever they had to leave in order to make a living for themselves. Sounds like envy. It's quite nice having roots in an area. Why should everyone be transient for most of their lives, as long as they aren't ignorant?


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    Then move, and take all your hypocritical Yuppie college friends with you. For the same reason why you hypocrites move to Southie, is the same reason why most stay. I stay to aggravate you whiners.

    Clearly this flyer is yuppie

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    Clearly this flyer is yuppie bait.
    Do you really believe those who never leave where they grew up are chumps? sorry, ignorant chumps. There are families in my neighborhood that have been here almost 100 years, including mine, we take pride in our neighborhood. Great neighborhood to raise children.


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    Massachusetts ranks the

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    Massachusetts ranks the highest in terms of public education, per the article in the paper the other day. Our locals are simply better educated on average than other places. This poster isn't from from Southie, but there are real benefits to living in this area. Good for you that you found your way here, don't be so sad that it took you so long to find it.

    Never Moved From My Town

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    Grew up in West Roxbury; bought multiple homes here and raising my family here.

    If that makes me a chump, I'm cool with that.

    never leaving the place where

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    never leaving the place where you grew up makes you an ignorant chump

    That's a bit of a stretch, don't you think? Some people never leave the place where they grew up because they have family and friends and a community they love and care about. Some people also take care of an elderly parent. Guess that makes them an ignorant chump in your estimation though. What a sad life you lead!

    Somebody needs to realize not

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    Somebody needs to realize not everybody's hometown is a shitty place a suburban wasteland or East Bumfuck (fill in the state). Most people in America do indeed come from places where you generally.must leave to go the university, get a decent job, etc. But there are still millions of people from places like Boston, NYC, Philly, Chicago, Dallas, etc. that are places people migrate to for school, employment, etc. They are destinations, not necessarily places you must flee once you become an adult. Boston's main flaw us it's become very expensive, even for the dreaded and liathed locals with the funny accents. And that's a sign of just how desirable a destination it is.

    Yep. People raised in the

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    Yep. People raised in the Boston area have fewer reasons to leave their hometowns than many of the transplants who come here. No reason to leave something that is already good over the long term.

    First of all never leaving a

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    First of all never leaving a place you grew up does not make you ignorant! It's obviously a great place if all of these people are moving in. Southie was once a great neighborhood. I grew up there and I am proud of that. A town where everyone supported you, stood up for eachother, watched out for eachother. It unexplanable. The meaning and the feeling of what it was like you willnever understand. Why would someone want to leave that.You are ignorant, rude and have no idea. Just hate the change in Southie what it's becoming. Fights over spots but keep building more condos on top of one another but close more schools. And Trying to change the way of the town. That stuff stinks. Old school Southie is bigger and better than anyone who didn't grow up there could ever understand. They shouldn't have to leave because some rude person sitting by a computer things so.


    I wonder if these angry, angry people have tried, you know, *talking* to their neighbors.

    I Doubt It Would Help

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    Because this is likely regarding new residents not respecting the parking spaces informally reserved for the longer residents. In short, bullshit in what is and should be a first come first serve commodity.

    Nonetheless Walsh should solve this a la Beacon Hill by just banning all street parking in South Boston and enforcing it with a tank.

    Or even just tried learning

    Or even just tried learning to use English properly. The word choices and grammar in that sign make me think that this person is unable to communicate with neighbors because they would not be able to understand this person.

    ETA: Isn't it the "Tynan School" and not the "Tyan School" used in the poster?

    If they talked to the people

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    If they talked to the people on the beaches on weekends, they'd figure out they are older folks who live in Randolph and Weymouth, but grew up in Southie and just miss the "old neighborhood," so they visit on summer weekends.

    Because those Townies are so

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    Because those Townies are so nice to PWD in Southie. They never use fake HP placards or double park in front of ramps, across crosswalks, or blocking HP spaces. They always shovel out sidewalk, ramps, and HP spots for those in need too.

    Now, now, you two

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    There is indeed a difference between a townie and a "Townie." If you are "from Boston" you know this as sure as you know the sun rises in the east.

    So, some might think these townies are a bit thick, but they are not Townies.

    Nobody cares

    And if there's a prerequisite for spouting anything around here, I must have missed it.

    In the general population, the vast majority will recognize the word "townie" as having a specific meaning that has nothing to do with Charlestown. You're basically getting upset that someone doesn't insist on calling a milkshake a "frappe".


    I'm almost fifty, lived in Eastern Mass or Metro Boston for almost my entire life, and can count the number of times I've heard someone use the word "Townie" in real life (not the internet) to refer only to Charlestown residents (as opposed to the general definition of the word used across the nation) on one hand.

    Dude you are in the middle

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    Dude you are in the middle of a conversation about Southie. Southie guys are not Townies. Townies are from C Town. Simple as that. Just go with it,be at one with the city.

    Only townies try to clarify

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    Only townies try to clarify who technically is and isn't a townie. To the rest of the world, it is obvious.


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    I'm a townie? Pray tell, which section of Boston am I living in at the moment?

    I'll save you the trouble. I grew up in Dorchester, but have lived in Watertown for some time. In Watertown, I suppose I might be considered the equivalent of the "yuppies" being spoken of here, although I've been a resident for close to 20 years. I've never lived in either Southie or Charlestown. But I know the difference in terms between those communities and those I've lived in. You don't.


    Nobody cares if you spent

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    Nobody cares if you spent your whole life within a five-mile radius or the specifics therein. If you're a xenophobic local anywhere, you're a townie. And I mean that in the classic "town versus gown" definition which goes back more than 800 years.


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    The grammar is deplorable. Perhaps the real issue is local's education/education ability.

    The grammar? They didn't even

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    The grammar? They didn't even spell the name of the school correctly.
    (I'm from Southie, not of it.)

    Please tell me that you were

    Please tell me that you were intending to use the singular possessive (local's) in that comment, rather than the plural (which would be locals, no apostrophe.)

    Please, please, please.


    wouldn't the possessive plural of "local" be "locals'"?

    [edit, Dang that's hard to read. l-o-c-a-l-s-apostrophe]

    I think the plural of local

    I think the plural of local (locals) would also work in that comment. That's what I meant. You are right, however, that the plural possessive would be locals'.

    ETA: No, on a third reading, I think you're right. "Locals'" is probably the word the original commenter was looking for. Good catch!

    Can't wait

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    to knock a few uppity pricks out, long time coming!

    Thanks for proving all those

    Thanks for proving all those stereotypes wrong about Southie natives being a bunch of ignorant shitheads. Hope you go to jail.

    EDIT: I take it back. Given the nature of Boston's "justice" system, no townie would ever do jail time unless he seriously injured (or killed) someone. I don't want that to happen. I hope you pick an "uppity prick" who knows how to fight, but I'm sure you're far too much of a coward to attack anyone who might actually fight back.

    but he does work out 5 days a

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    but he does work out 5 days a week so WATCH OUT. not to mention has a mouth of a sailor and a strong tude.


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    Just choked on my sandwich there, that was great. Brilliant. Thanks so much (seriously, no sarcasm, I hadn't heard it before, and it's FUNNY).

    I spent way more time than I should have

    trying to find the perfect .gif of Mac from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" showcasing his "sweet karate moves" as a response. Alas, I'll just have to ask those who know what I'm talking about to picture it in their minds...


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    OK Marky Mark.

    haha right, only if you have

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    haha right, only if you have 4 other guys standing behind you. I've never seen anyone from southie get in a fight that was within 100 miles of fair. You gotta have size and numbers on your side or you scamper away like a rat into a sewer (metaphor of the year right there)

    Well, the meeting is about

    Well, the meeting is about seven day parking. Right now permit parking only applies on weekdays. On weekends you can park basically anywhere without a sticker. Some people want to eliminate that flexibility.

    What isn't clear is what side this sign is taking. Certainly I've seen the parking-obsessed question whether we need so many handicapped spaces (or bus stops, etc.).

    If that's the case, that makes sense to me

    I can see allowing visitor parking in resident spaces on weekends around certain areas like Castle Island and the beachfront portions of Columbia Road.

    While they're at it, there should be much closer scrutiny of handicapped parking permits. There are a ridiculous number of handicapped spaces in Southie, and 80-90% of the people I see using them here clearly don't deserve to.

    The question remains: why did the angry flyer writer cast it as a "yuppie" issue? Are the alleged yuppies only coming to Southie on weekends?

    Just a word of caution

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    I had a close friend who did not look "handicapped", she was young, in her twenties, but could not walk any length of distance due to the fact she needed a double lung transplant.

    Not every handicapped person looks obvious. Better to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    It's possible, but in most cases, to quote Dean of Dean's

    Furniture, "I doubt it". Most of the folks I see are clearly able-bodied, often attired in contractor or other workingman's gear: how many folks do you know who can't walk two blocks work as carpenters? I imagine most of them are handed down from elderly parents who got the permits legitimately.


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    I miss Dean's commercials...

    That's impossible

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    You can't determine whether someone is able-bodied, just by looking at them. Carpentry is mostly hand work anyways. You don't need to walk to be a carpenter.

    Indeed, I knew of an iron

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    Indeed, I knew of an iron worker that just did bench work, but was in a wheel chair. Don't you think he deserved a HP placard ?

    Agreed. A friend is a

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    Agreed. A friend is a carpenter, he works 6 days a week but is unable to walk more than a block because he broke his legs and back years ago.

    I don't see a conflict here.

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    We can know things about populations without being able to make good inferences about individuals. If one sees a bunch of people with handicap parking stickers and the large majority have no observable handicap, I think it is reasonable to smell a fish. Of course, it would be wrong to claim any individual one of these is a fraud, for reasons cited in these posts.

    looks can deceive

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    The real problem is people using their dead relative's placard and even renewing them.

    This could be easily enforced by tying death certificates to registry records.

    My guess

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    is that the locals are not super fond of the influx of BMWs and Audis with New York/New Jersey plates that arrive on the weekends (vs. the normal number of BMWs and Audis with Mass plates and Southie parking stickers, which I imagine they are not fond of either)


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    Forget Nantucket, the Hamptons, the Cape....Southie is THE go-to weekend destination on the East Coast. Yuppies drive from miles around to dine at the fine restaurants such as, the Boston Beer Garden, Shenanigans, and the L Street Tavern.


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    because the only places the yuppies go on the weekends are Nantucket, the Hamptons and the Cape. They never have yuppie friends come to Boston to visit them...

    This is the part that confuses me

    Who are these people with out-of-state plates or no resident stickers, and why would they be parking in Southie on weekends? If they are residents who haven't bothered to get local plates and stickers, how is going seven-day resident-only parking going to help?

    (Incidentally, you can actually get food at Shenanigans and the BBG, though I don't recommend it. The L Street Tavern doesn't serve food, but is a surprisingly decent neighborhood pub, despite the Good Will Hunting business.)

    A short L St Story

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    I was getting my haircut at a local place. Keep in mind this is at best 5th hand when repeated in my general vicinity:

    A couple of years after Good Will Hunting was released, Affleck comes back into town with J-Lo and they are doing a little tour around or something. They walk into L St., and Woody was there minding the bar. They go up to the bar and Ben asks for a couple of drinks: one for him, and one for his girlfriend.

    Woody says, "You can have a drink, but the Puerto Rican has to stay outside."

    ~~End scene~~


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    And the only place you ever heard it was in a barbershop, right? It didn't make the news, get trumpeted to every civil rights activist within Ben's shouting distance? Pure crap.



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    Rumors are sometimes interesting to consider, but including such a patently false one in a discussion about residents who are being (in my estimation) somewhat unfairly maligned is puerile.



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    matty c, you lie and you know it never happened.

    Um, no

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    I'm not lying, I'm reporting a story I heard. Have you met Woody? Do you believe that's something that would have come out of his mouth? I have and I do. Doesn't mean I believe the story, its just a good story.

    Now, call me a liar again.

    Liar, again. I've known

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    Liar, again. I've known Woody for more than 10 years. And no, he wouldn't and doesn't. And you, Matty C are a liar - again.

    This still doesn't answer my question

    If the big problem is residents with out-of-state plates or no resident stickers parking in resident-only spaces, how does going from five-day resident-only parking to seven-day resident-only parking help? If they're not residents, why are they parking in Southie at all?

    So you're

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    Saying we should fence off all of Southie, and install guard towers to insure only residents are allowed in. I live in Westie, how am i going to visit my 83 yo grandmother? Ride a bike, im not a weirdo from JP!

    L Street

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    was my local when I lied in Southie because the Good Will Hunting business kept out the kinds of mooks who post badly-spelled signs about parking issues.

    L Street

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    was my local when I lied in Southie because the Good Will Hunting business kept out the kinds of mooks who post badly-spelled signs about parking issues.

    Weekend Visitors to Southie

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    If you've ever gone to Castle Island on the weekend, all the old poops hanging out on the benches outside of Sulli's (very nice people, btw) will tell you they've been coming there their whole lives. They are usually Southie residents originally, who moved on to Weymouth, Randolph, etc. often because their kids moved out there and, getting older, they wanted to be close to family, their grandkids, etc. They have strong Southie ties, they have all these fond memories of the old Southie traditional spots near M beach and the Curley center, etc. These are the ONLY people who are driving in to Southie to visit the "sights" because to anyone who didn't grow up in Southie, the beaches are sub-par at best, but to them, it is a sentimental journey. So the irony is, these angry townies don't even talk to the people who are out on the beach and on the benches all along the peninsua (the way "yuppies" like myself do). If they did, they would meet the real "old southie" that they pretend to be.

    Couldn't be more wrong

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    I guess you haven't been to Southie in quite some time (ever?). Walk by M street beach any summer day and tell me that the thousands (literally) of 20 somethings are Southie old timers?

    M Street Beach- 'Weekend Visitors'

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    Ummm Heather - have you seen M Street beach on a hot sunny weekend day?? Those sure aren't the Southie old timers coming back for a nostalgic visit! That is full-on Beach Party Bingo 2014 style!! Nearby residents have called police to stop deliveries of booze to the beach. It's often so crowded you couldn't squeeze another (tanned and toned) body there.....surely they all don't take the "T" to the beach. I venture that you'll find a lot of non-resident and out-of-state vehicles parked in the neighborhood. I don't live near there but I feel for people trying to find a place to park near their homes on those sunny summer weekends.

    You know people who made $700K?!?

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    Those people got rolled (and apparently by yuppies, to boot)!!

    The people who I know who emigrated from Southie to Quincy, Braintree, or, dare I say it, Weymouth, all cleared well over $1 million (which was not too hard considering that they paid something significantly less than $100K for their places way back).

    The funniest thing about this otherwise ridiculous story is that someone apparently believes that any so-called "yuppies" would even show up to this thing.

    "These are the ONLY people

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    "These are the ONLY people driving into Southie.."

    you could not be more off the mark on that statement.


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    Answer the question someone else asked, who are all these people driving into southie on weekends and what are they doing there?

    What evidence that this is a "thing"

    I mean, it has been made to sound like the streets are wall-to-wall NY and NJ and NH plates on weekends.

    Is that true? Or is it that somebody sees one plate in a three block stretch and overreacts?

    Where do all the MA cars go to make room for this - and when?

    In other words, pictures please? Organized data collection would be good, too, if you want to make a case for 7 day sticker parking.

    Don't think it's overreacting..

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    Hi Swirly - if you check out Citizen Connect (thanks to Adam, I now check it often!!) you'll see frequent reports from a number of neighborhoods (including South Boston) asking for parking enforcement when it comes to out of state cars. I don't see it as exclusively a weekend problem; however, since the resident parking rules are not in force during the weekend, those who do not have resident stickers (including those with out of state plates) are more likely to leave their cars parked on the neighborhood streets then. It is frustrating to follow the rules (and pay the city's excise tax along with the extremely high insurance rates) and then see many cars belonging to people who live in your n'hood with out of state plates. As an example, there is someone on my block who has been here for 3+ years. Her car, with NJ plates (still) is parked off street in a yard during the week. On the weekends, she leaves it on the street without fear of getting a ticket for violating the residential parking rules. Anyway - a long-winded way of trying to explain why there may be more out of state plates spotted on the streets over the weekend!! It's a pet peeve of mine - tried the RMV's "I Pay Tax" hotline to report the situation but nothing came of it....

    You've made like 4 posts

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    You've made like 4 posts about Southie natives already here. It obviously bothers you that you can't claim roots to the Boston area and had to move here to find a living for yourselves. You could always move home.

    I'll move home when my condo

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    I'll move home when my condo goes above 1 mil. Can't stand it here. Just in it for all the nice, juicy money.

    So what do you like?

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    Nobody goes to Sullivan's for haute cuisine. So? It's decent fast food (yes, better than McDonald's) and you get to eat it at one of the best outdoor spots in Boston.

    I realize that at this point if somebody from South Boston said the sky is blue, you'd disagree just to see how many replies you could get, but, sheesh.

    Not true

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    I actually agree with life long residents on many community issues (dog poop, obnoxious frat boys, no more condos or apartments, being respectful to your neighbors, getting up for the elderly, disabled or people with children on the bus/train....etc).

    i was just giving my opinion on a restaurant i think is overrated. nothing more.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie


    agreed on all of the community issues. I liked living here before it was the cool place to be, and decided to live here because of how much of a neighborhood it was.

    Everything I have I earned on my own, but fuck me for being in my 20's and not being "born and raised", right?

    Some history would be helpful

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    Some history would be helpful for understanding the Southie resident permit rules.

    A few years back, virtually all of Southie (except Fort Point and near the Broadway T) didn't require a resident permit. Then in 2004 a little girl died in a fire because a fire truck got stuck, because a lot of cars were double parked and parked way too close to corners.

    Instead of just enforcing the existing rules, the city decided to require resident permits on virtually every street in the neighborhood.

    The community requested the current rules, which don't apply on weekends but do apply overnight. These rules are atypical for Boston -- most other permit parking areas either apply 24/7, or apply only during the day on weekdays.

    I don't understand why visitors and nonresidents shouldn't be allowed to park on weekends, when they were allowed to park 24/7 until a few inconsiderate parkers ruined it for everyone, and the community *asked* for the current rules.

    To tie it all into that

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    To tie it all into that accident is inaccurate, it was a flashpoint sure, but the problem was still there and would have needed to be addressed anyway


    By on

    People can still do that no? Isn't the resident parking only in effect at night?



    I don't know of any jobs where you can come in after 10 and leave by 6, so I imagine they are few and far between.

    Special government handouts

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    Special government handouts for people who feel their families have lived there the appropriate amount of time. After living there, in South Boston a yuppie is someone who wears a shirt and goes to work. This angers the 'real southies' whose pent up anger at everything will be shortly relieved by fighting.

    I know a bunch of life long

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    I know a bunch of life long residents that have great careers and have been called "yuppies" by life long townie trash. It just shows you how out of touch with reality the angry townies are...they don't even know the demographics of their own kind.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie

    The real point is that many

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    The real point is that many locals from this area have become highly successful, and it's the transplants that had to move to this area for better jobs.


    is that what RICH Y's refers to on the sign?

    So good it almost invokes Poe's Law

    But that might be wishful thinking.

    Honestly, maybe the city should step in and end this free for all with on street parking. Enforce a system that adds a market rate cost for parking permits and increase the cost of metered parking.


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    Says that sign was made by some a-hole yuppie!

    My god grow up. People in

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    My god grow up. People in Boston really still have this kind of attitude? Do you have a full time job to keep you occupied? Invest your time into something else....

    Maybe the note take works in

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    Maybe the note take works in town from 9-5 M-F, so set the beating time at 6pm to ensure he would be done working hard in the office for the day.

    If he thinks his neighbors

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    If he thinks his neighbors are rich, wouldn't that make him rich as well? They are in the same neighborhood...

    Not rich yet

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    The sign creator probably lives at home with his/her parents still, in their triple decker house that was handed down to them from sign creator's grandparents. Someday sign creator will also have the house passed down to them, which they will sell for $1 million+ and move to Florida. But in the meantime, sign creator is going to be very mad about all the changes that are happening to the neighborhood.

    No, because the people who

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    No, because the people who claim to be "natives" and who exclusively have the right to live in South Boston are usually in the projects or living in some form of subsidized housing. There is no entitlement like poor, white entitlement.

    Interesting observations

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    Do you actually know anyone from Southie? There are the dirtbags, but there are also some great families that are successful and are proud of their roots.
    If it bothers you that much.... Leave!

    Interesting comment....

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    Heather posted in response to some other topic a while back that she is planning to leave South Boston soon.....

    Indeed. I'll be gone by 2015

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    Indeed. I'll be gone by 2015, but I may keep my rentals here and make money of the yuppies, since the locals can't afford it.

    And I do know nice people who

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    And I do know nice people who grew up in Southie. It's just that the dirtbags like you make it not worth while to stay.

    that's not how it works

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    You don't know how gentrification works, eh?

    People buy cheap properties in poor neighborhoods, fix them up, sell or rent them for more than the original price, and start attracting more affluent people to live there and more affluent local businesses to pop up. that snowballs, and over time, you've got a mix of new, more affluent people who don't fit the original demographics, and locals who grew up there/lived there for a long time who could never afford to buy or rent it today's market. If they sell, they will probably make some good money, but that doesn't mean that they are currently wealthy because all their "wealth" is tied up in the property, whose value has risen during the process of gentrification. If they rent, then they'll probably end up getting priced out of the neighborhood by landlords who keep upping the rents to mirror the local housing market. and voila! you've got a perfect shitstorm of class war in your neighborhood.