Dorchester man charged with catfishing armed robberies

Boston Police report arresting Rakeem Austin, 30, on charges he pretended to be an attractive woman on social media, then robbed the men who showed up for an assignation.

Police say Austin pulled off the stunt eight times at locations in Mattapan and Roxbury over the past couple of months.

Austin will be arraigned Monday in Dorchester Municipal Court on Monday on charges of armed robbery, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and threats to commit a crime.



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I'm always amazed at the stupidity of some guys

I get it. You want to get some assignation. But what kind of woman hooks up with a complete stranger over the internet by inviting them over to her place? The only two I can think of, are women with penises (Like the woman above) and Chris Hansen.

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Super horny black men, that's who

so the stereotype goes. Unlikely that white guys are going into Roxbury and Mattapan for these blind hookups. They would be too scared / weary.

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mark, so much in 3 short sentences

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We see that "super horny black men" is something that preoccupies your thoughts (We could break that down for you if need be). And as a bonus we get the belief that white men won't go to Roxbury because of fear. I feel like we've made real progress today.

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Not really

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More often than not it's the unattractive, unsuccessful middle-aged white men who don't have enough money for a hooker (and/or whose personal hygiene is so bad even hookers steer clear of them,) and whose only claim to fame is an extensive Magic The Gathering card collection and an old i7 overclocked to 5GHz.

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What about

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unattractive, unsuccessful middle aged Asian men? Ditto Hispanic, American Indian, black, etc.? Or, for that matter, what about unattractive, unsuccessful young men? Or what about guys, any age, race, ethnicity, who're into kinky or unusual sex that they can't get from a GF or wife? Many if these types are very 'successful' individuals.

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I did see Catch a Predator

once or twice many years ago. I recall the stings were usually conducted in a nice suburban home or perhaps a nice apartment complex that didn't look anything like Roxbury. I think white women were usually both the bait and perps, with maybe a Hispanic or two(?).

I'm just saying that the victims here were almost certainly black, but some possibly Hispanic.

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No, your alleged racial preference in porn proclivities is no sh

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No, your alleged racial preference in porn proclivities is no shield. It could very well be the opposite, pointing at possible ingrained, biased tendencies.

Cashing in on bigotry-
The consumers of this type of porn seems to vary considerably from men who want to see their mate have sex with someone from a specific ethnic background to people from those backgrounds wanting to fantasize that they’re the one being treated that way. I can often see where they have been influenced by the reinforcement of interracial porn as a taboo subject. I have talked to clients who not only were into cuckolding, but who also liked the guy their girlfriend had sex with to be black, specifically, and to have a cock above a certain size.

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You're halfway there

One must also consider the stupidity of a "catfisher" who continues his or her behavior once there are multiple reports in the media indicating that police are aware of their activities.

Just like the pedophiles who get caught soliciting minors online who are actually cops, one would think that someone posing as a hot young thing over the internet would be smart enough to understand that the person that they are engaging with may also not be the lovelorn lothario they expect.

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Is this the same guy

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that robbed some poor love-seeking schlemiel in a Cambridge cemetery last month?

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