Adams Corner to get Italian food

Jeffrey Cincotta says he's planning an osteria for 789 Adams St. in Dorchester that will feature "Italian comfort food," including pizza from a wood-fired oven and fresh pasta and sauces.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to grant him a food-serving license that would let him open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. He's planning about 25 seats as well as take-out and delivery.

Asked to explain the "public need" for his restaurant, Cincotta said there are no other Italian restaurants nearby.

The mayor's office and several city councilors, including Frank Baker, support the proposal.



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explain "public need"???

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how is that a real question? it's a restaurant. the BLB thinks waaaay too much of its own "public need."

I think it's the law

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And applicants are required to explain it. Used to just get asked of liquor-license applicants, but now everybody gets asked it. For food-serving licenses, the answer is usually pretty simple, like "there's no other Italian restaurants on the block" or whatever. Even with liquor licenses, it's usually not much more complicated, like "customers have been asking for a beer."

The question for me is if

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The question for me is if this is going to basically be an pizza takeout joint or an actual (more authentic) Italian restaurant. Guessing it will be the former - kind of like how "Metamorphosis" billed itself as an "organic gourmet wine and food shop" - lol at that.

Even Sonny's had some pretty

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Even Sonny's had some pretty good chicken parm. I don't think it's a knock to Blasi's in any way. It's stupid to begin with that he has to justify public need.