Assclown defaces Roslindale mural

Mural in happier days

Mural in happier days - last year, when it was nearing completion.

Roslindale residents who'd enjoyed the bird-in-hand mural at Washington and Archdale woke up this morning to find some jerk had spray-painted his name over its lower half.

The mural, painted less than a year ago, was an homage to the area's Dominican residents and depicts a Dominican saying: "A bird in the hand is worth a hundred flying in the air."



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      Well technically, no

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      The Big Papi mural is still there. This mural is several blocks closer to Forest Hills and on the other side of the street. It replaced the old creepy-green-hand-cooking-with-Goya mural.


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      Well thats good news, that was a rather creepy mutual.

      Big Papi

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      Big Papi is still maintaining his position on the side wall of the store next to Haley field. This particular art is at the store where Dominoes, liquor store and dollar store is going towards Forest Hill station.

      No, writing your name on a

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      No, writing your name on a piece of someone else's art is absolutely NOT art. If someone is so desperate to make a mark, they should find a constructive way to do so rather than devaluing something beautiful that someone else worked really hard to make, that others could enjoy, that improved the aesthetic of the neighborhood.

      I think...

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      ..that the poster you were responding to was being sarcastic.

      Photography of Boston graffiti before sandblasting.

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      Photography of Boston graffiti particularly before City sandblasting is important to preserve the art regardless of its legality. A team of photographers is needed to ride along with Graffiti Busters

      Photography of the work serves multiple interests pro and con, for example a) evidence to connect with other graffitti for prosecuting, b) it preserves what can turn out to be earlier efforts by later recognized artists. Keep in mind "Trieber '16 Works On The Mayor's Mural Crew"

      It would be great to see the early graffiti of the notable artists

      "Rule breaking is central to the evolution of art; without it we’d still be fawning over repetitious paintings of landscapes and old guys in wigs. The history of illegality in art is extensive and, like art movements themselves, will only continue to grow in audacity. Some of our favourite artists operate in legal grey areas, so we’ve hand-picked four of our favourite law-breaking artworks for your consideration – judge them as you will." - By Kate Hicke. Our Favourite Illegal Artwork

      By Joyce Carey
      The Horse's Mouth

      "The Horse's Mouth" / 1958 / Alec Guinness / (Pre Banksy)

      "For there is good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen,
       Before we go to Paradise by way of Kensal Green." -G. K. Chesterton

      And are you doing this?

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      I actually went down there this morning and took a couple of photos and decided not to post either because why give the punk an ego boost? I thought taggers had a rule about not destroying somebody else's art.

      But by all means come on down to Roslindale to photograph this if it's important to you. It's not at all hard to get to: Take the Orange Line, commuter rail or the 39 bus to Forest Hills, then take any of the vast number of buses (upper busway) that go down Washington, or, since it's a nice day, just walk.

      Someone once posited...

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      That 'theszak' was just a bot/AI. Given the nature of the responses/posts, I don't know how inaccurate that could possibly be.

      Well, no

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      My guess is that this is the famous internet personality by the name of Don Saklad.

      Let 'em take their own damn pictures

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      If they like their work so much, they can document it themselves.

      BTW, thanks Adam for not posting any "after" photos. There is nothing positive about inflating the ego of this db.

      Just stop it

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      Stop while you're behind.

      Otherwise, post your address so that people can go and spraypaint the walls. Then, you can photograph it for them so they will have a lasting memory of their work.