Hyde Park restaurant some people forgot was ever going to open could finally open soon

Our roving Hyde Park reporter, Mike Ball, reports:

The door at Antonio's in Logan Square was open this morning. The overworked solo contractor (his term) was painting the door jamb (black, by the bye).

With my usual non-subtle manner I said we'd been watching the spot for a year and a half and that we were ready for it to open. He said, "We are too."

I saw that the walls were chockablock with framed posters and prints and the bar was finished and furnished.

In response to the when-will-it-open question, he said two, maybe three, weeks.

The Garufis, owners of Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale, first began working on Antonio's Bacaro in 2014. It's where the Hyde, and before that, Dottie's, used to be, on Fairmount Avenue.



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It's not a REAL Garufi restaurant

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until Mark opens a competing place across the street, and the two of them establish an uneasy detente over some small shared space.

(Seriously, though, I wish them the best... Birch Street and Sophia's Grotto are two of my local favorites, and this park of HP has long been underserved by restaurants)

Mike Ball

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Does a great job representing the Hyde Park bureau of U-Hub. Now, if we could find out what is going into the old Dempsey's..


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I am beyond thrilled about Bacaro opening:) And I assume the realtor that bought the former Dempsey's space and then the building next door is trying to get his hands on the vacant building next door that would complete the block and allow for a decent size development to occur :)