Longtime Italian restaurant in Somerville now finito

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that La Hacienda on Medford Street has closed for good.



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I guess I'll never know why an Italian spot was named La Hacienda.

In all seriousness

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And this is anecdotal, but I have a friend who knows someone related to family that owns it, and according to this person, the name had been inspired after a trip to Mexico. Like I said, anecdotal, so I could be completely off on that, but I thought I'd share either way.

edit: I see further down in the comments now that someone else posted about the reason for its name.

La Hacienda and The Chateau

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La Hacienda and The Chateau are where I learned to beware of restaurants the ethnicity of whose name didn't match that of the cuisine. Or maybe it's just Italian restaurants whose name means "The Mansion" in a different Romance language.


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Maybe it went out of business because people went there expecting to eat Mexican food or dance to acid house.

Most left deeply disappointed.

according to the website...

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"La Hacienda is a family restaurant established in 1939 by John DiCecca.

Known originally as DiCecca's Market, after prohibition ended, a liquor license was granted

and a vacation to Mexico to celebrate followed.

Upon their return, John and his brother Vincent created La Hacienda Italian Restaurant."

So... there ya go.

RIP indeed JB. Despite its

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RIP indeed JB. Despite its dark interior they've been a warm respite for my daughters and I on many cold days for lunch. They staff was fantastic and the food was one of the best values in ever-pricy East Cambridge/Somerville.

Looks like its East Side Grille or bust for local italian in East Cambridge.


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Well, at least I unknowingly got to make a last visit. I was there a few weeks ago after about a 30 year hiatus. It hadn’t changed at all. It was as dark and dingy as ever. I was thinking I would like to go back before it was discovered by hipsters.