Man charged with swinging pit bull at cops trying to get him out of the Wonderland busway


Transit Police report arresting a man they had a threatening pit bull on a bus Wonderland and then began swinging the dog at cops as they tried to escort him out of the station.

Police say Johnny Sadm, 19, of Dorchester, had gotten on a bus at Wonderland with the dog around 8:40 p.m. on Saturday. Although dogs are allowed on T buses, the driver radioed for help because the dog's "aggressive behavior" toward him and other passengers.

Transit officers arrived and told Sadm he and the dog would have to get off the bus, but that they'd arrange alternative transportation for him:

Sadm, using course and foul language, responded by informing the officers he was not getting off the bus and the officers would have to drag him and his dog off. Due to Sadm's threats and demeanor officers were forced to place the other passengers onto another bus. At this time Sadm exited the bus and walked into the bus way but rather then continuing on his way Sadm felt the need to shout out insults directed at the officers creating a tumultuous environment. Sadm then held his dog in an aggressive threatening manner and asked his dog "Do you want to eat them?" referring to the officers. Sadm was asked to vacate the station several times but refused and continued his threatening and disorderly conduct. Subsequently officers attempted to arrest Sadm however he violently resisted and attempted to swing his pit bull at the officers.

They eventually got him and the dog under control. Sadm was charged with assault, trespassing and resisting arrest. Oh, and possession of cocaine, for the powder police say they found on him during booking. The dog was released to a female companion.

In December, Sadm was one of three men arrested on charges they were stealing packages off people's front steps in South Boston.

Innocent, etc.



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*Alleged* asshole.

Someday, people who spend time every day on Universal Hub will learn what they should have learned in junior high.

Little help, lawyers who might be lurking?

No cruelty to animals charge for bringing the dog into this?

Also, I believe that's three felonies: Larceny, coke possession, and assault. Judge LaTulippe sentences him to life in prison, especially because the cops even offered the guy alternate transit. Maybe in prison, somebody will buy him a vowel.

I'll buy him a vowel..

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... and the Transit Police a comma.

Sadm felt the need to shout out insults directed at the officers creating a tumultuous environment.

How do you know?

especially because the cops even offered the guy alternate transit.

How do you know the cops offered him alternate transit?


How do you know?

Because a journalist (even a reputable one like Adam) quoted some police officer as having said something, Judge LaTulippe is ready to hang?

That's the joke

especially because the cops even offered the guy alternate transit

The alternate transport here is a reference to taking the guy to the police station for booking via a cruiser.

Protip: The police will take you to jail for free -- don't waste your money on the T or Uber.

That crossed my mind

But I interpreted that as sincere. The guy paid the fare, after all, and was owed a ride. Based on the sequence, I thought it was "the dog is scaring people, so we don't want him on the bus, but they're not causing any trouble, so we'll get him on a different bus or something."

Occasionally, an officer will

Occasionally, an officer will give a ride to someone who they know is going to make trouble if they stay where they are, to get them away from the opportunity to cause a problem.

A guy like this one didn't have to be arrested until he made it necessary, which was a real mistake considering he (allegedly) had cocaine on his person at the time.

That dog would have ended up

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That dog would have ended up being much calmer and sweeter if it was with better humans. Willing to bet it's been neglected from the day it was born. Possibly forced to be violent and not to trust humans, given small kittens to eat. So typical of losers like that guy and his "female companion" . Hell, for that matter, they probably stole the pitbull from some other loser.


If you go in there and ask for the #5 bowl cut it's not like you're arbiter elegantiarum of the barbering arts.

Hail Caesar, yo.

His baby picture?

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I get the impression that he may have some teratogenic issues not of his own doing.