MIT scientist makes waves with work to detect gravitational waves

Rainer Weiss

The New York Times reports a team of scientists, including Rainer Weiss of MIT have confirmed the presence of gravitational waves, something Einstein predicted in 1915, but which have never before been detected.

Two detectors, each 2.5 miles long and 1,900 miles apart, detected waves from the collision of two black holes about 1.2 billion years ago, almost as soon as they were turned on for testing, the Times reports.



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    "In this striking image, optical light (from the Hubble Space Telescope) and X-ray data (from the Chandra X-ray Observatory) have been combined, highlighting the two supermassive black holes as they stare at each other across the chaos of disturbed stars, dust and hot gas in the center of NGC 6240 (NASA/CXC/MIT/STScI C.Canizares, M.Nowak)"

    (Note that this is not the pair of black holes featured in today's amazing announcement from LIGO.)

    That was an awesome video

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    I wonder if they had to pay extra for the paint cleanup.

    But remember, kids: Gravity's not just a good idea - It's the law!


    It's just a theory. You know, like evolution.

    In the Key of a Hard G

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    Gravity challenging plates of gravlax carried on gravitational waves spun from galactic gravatrons with gravitas and aplomb.