When it gets cold, some trains just fold

UPDATE: Another Blue Line train died, at Airport. More trolleys died, at Waban and Arlington.

So far this morning, trains have shuffled off this mortal coil on the Green Line (Brookline Village and Reservoir on the D and Washington Street on the B) and the Blue Line (State Street). Riders on the Orange and Red lines didn't miss any of the fun, however, due to what the T says are now fixed signal issues near Wellington and JFK/UMass (the Blue Line also had some signal woes). Red Line riders also saw trains slow due to the ongoing work on the Longfellow.



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    I rely on Twitter for MBTA updates....and Twitter was down.


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    no mention of the MATTAPAN TROLLEY. Lets get rid of that one, though....

    How does one type out an eye roll emoticon?

    In all fairness to the MBTA,

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    In all fairness to the MBTA, how could anyone have expected that winter would happen again this year

    How many evenings/weekends of

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    How many evenings/weekends of service did we lose for "winterization" that didn't actually help?

    It is actually worse than that.

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    When you consider how many other projects that would have improved day-to-day operations must have been foregone so that resources (not just $$) could be devoted to the "winterization" (i.e., fighting the last battle/100 year winter) projects.

    T employs an exotic compound excuse

    For us inbound Red Line Braintree branch riders, the MBTA used a rare, compound excuse to keep us warm during the nearly 30-minute wait on the outdoor platform at N Quincy - Longfellow track conditions PLUS a disabled train at Braintree!!

    Does this mean the extension

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    Does this mean the extension corded hairdryers held to the tracks last night didn't work?