Breastaurant brawl leaves at least one injured

Scene outside Tilted Kilt

A fight that broke out around 7:40 p.m. at the Tilted Kilt, 96 Brookline Ave. in the Fenway, left one man lying on the sidewalk, although he was eventually able to get up and walk around.

Jeff Maker had a ringside seat and took the photo, outside the first-in-Boston outlet, known for its waitresses in short tight tops and kilts (it also serves beer and basic pub food).

Chris reports three patrons decided to take on bouncers for some reason. "Didn't end well," he says.



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    Did this place get support from the BRA when it opened?

    And "whoosh"

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    right over Adam's head.


    false advertizing hell

    With a name like "tilted kilt", I would expect well-muscled men and no underwear.

    That sort of fresh hell. Haruumph.

    the guys wear kilts

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    But the service, price, and food is bad enough that I can't recommend.

    The women may be the initial

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    The women may be the initial draw but if the food is no good I can't see anyone going back. Jmho though. Like someone once said, there's a sucker born every minute

    Tourist Generica

    These places tend to replicate in party zones in all the cities. You get the same lineup nearly everywhere.

    Do you have a plan for abolishing human sexual attraction?

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    Do you think guys who enjoy looking at sexy women or vice versa is 'dirty'? And what's your opinion of the gay and lesbians who would enjoy looking at attractive, sexually provocative guys and women, or both?/They're doing something 'dirty' too?

    I would agree that, as far as women and men (sometimes technically girls and boys) involved in the so called sex trade (prostitution,hustling) that that is 9 times out of 10 a sad situation that usually involves violence, abuse, substance abuse and addiction, and mental health issues.

    So, you thought I was objecting to human

    sexual attraction? Mm-kay.

    Clearly there's a market for this sort of thing. Last I looked, the breastaurant concept was the fastest-growing segment of the casual-dining category. Let the market speak, etc.

    Sex work is what it is. I just get skeeved out about the notion implicit in such places that dressing it up in PG-13 togs somehow makes it a more wholesome kind of exploitation. I hope the young women involved are making decent wages, at least.

    Exactly my argument for why

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    Exactly my argument for why the place would ultimately fail. None of these nitwits are going anywhere near the Fenway from November-March.