BU says professor's petty, obnoxious Yelp review of Cambridge restaurant doesn't represent BU values

NBC Boston reports on a Questrom School of Business professor who showed up late for a reservation at Cafe ArtScience.

Why is it always business-school professors?



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What I love most about places

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What I love most about places like Cambridge is there are so many important academic types flying around and so many world leaders stop in that the "Don't you know who I am" line really does not mean much to the staff at popular restaurants and bars. I have been around on Commencement Day and it is the craziest time because all the parents in town are "someones" where they come from and they can not fathom how that means nothing in Cambridge.

In regards to this customer, I just assume he pulled out the "Don't you know who I am card" because they knew he was a BU Professor at the Business School. I guess they could have searched and found that info but it seems very likely that he tried to name drop himself and nobody cared.

I have

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Took a boat tour with one once. It was supposed to be three hours long, but it felt like it went on forever.

Quite a few

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Most college teachers do not need to be called Herr Professor or Herr Doctor. They realize that at the end of everyday they are just another Bozo on the bus.

But in any profession there are the folks who rise on their technical brilliance. But if measured on character they would couldn't teach a group of monkeys.

Facebook is a good virtual neighborhood to find them. They practise the kissing up to their fans and kick down to anyone who disagrees with them. My favorite is that one who as a professor and researcher claims she knows what censorship is. Even offers a reading list to instruct a person of what censorship is. They provides an example by censoring.

Then there are people who make great teachers except when colleges value shrewdness, plausible deniability, clean backstabbing and all the joys of tearing down the competition.

Perhaps that contributes to the super inflation of colleges. Have to pay more to keep people who could otherwise do jobs that are less satisfying but don't push people into being the worst of themselves.

Business professors

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It's always business professors because Ronald Reagan in the 1970's as Governor of California decided that Humanities in College was a waste of resources. So Universities cut programs and focused more on Business.This spread nationally so business degrees come without a sense of obligation to society. They are taught self-serving philosophy is the important. This...and the current worship the rich mentality is what we get.

Good for them!

I work at a busy bar downtown- I'm so sick of people thinking they can talk to me however they want because they're paying. I have a zero tolerance personal policy on harassment, and kicked a guy out last night for the same rude, loud-mouth behavior,

No name?

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Why is NBC Boston protecting the professor? Why no name mentioned? They say the review was deleted, but they could post a link to his account or to the deleted link.

Who is the professor?

I don't understand why the NBC Boston report doesn't name him. If you have a copy of the deleted Yelp review which includes his name, can you post it here?

Agreed, he posted publicly

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Agreed, he posted publicly with his own name, why won’t they mention it? (Also, the only time I’ve ever agreed with Internet sensation Ron Newman on anything!)

Thanks Google Cache

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"Dirk H. wrote a review for Cafe ArtScience. 1.0 star rating. 11/8/2017. Worst joint in all of New England--stay away!"

That would suggest that it's

this guy.

Also odd that two brand-new Yelpers (both profiles created this month) each chose ArtScience for their first and only review on November 9, both slagging the service and food in very similar terms. That's some pretty clumsy catfishing, right there.

I'd expect to see the name

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I'd expect to see the name "Dirk Hackbarth" in the credit roll of a pron movie way before I'd expect it to be on a B-school roster.

Never cross Professor Kerfuffle

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Many years ago I had a temporary job in Harvard's IT at the front desk. An important professor, accompanied by his snickering entourage visited and demanded his computer. Stupid me did not know who this important person was. My ignorance contributed to a kerfuffle. Actually it may have been Professor Kerfuffle.

A week later I was told my services were no longer needed; a bad fit.

I am grateful for what Harvard offers to the area in terms of museums, libraries and public programs. I am equally grateful for not playing the role of serf to any of their self-important satraps.


A lot of these jerks are told they're the best thing on earth by the college as it tries to recruit students. Many college deans roll over and equally give their faculty far too much credit because they believe the lie or it's easier not to confront. So these guys start to actually think they are somehow Superior to others. They think everyone should be like their students and fear them.

Good on BU for telling the guy to knock it off. Most colleges don't have the guts to even stand up to their own people once they become full professors.

Ah, yes...

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long time ago, I worked as an assistant to the President of a local museum. One day I received a phone call from a man who wanted, at that moment, to speak to her. I told him that she was not available and I'd be happy to schedule a time for him to speak to her. He threw a fit and shot back..."Don't you know who I am?" I laughed and said "no, I do not'. Anywho, I was not fired but I still have no tolerance for the "I'm more important than you" crowd.


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different place. Was thinking the miracle of science cafe, not cafe artscience!

Like the website address!

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I like the truncated version of his last name that's given in the URL - "Hackbar"!

It's better (but only slightly better) than the real last name which is revealed when you click on the link.