Campaign roundup: Connolly endorses Walsh

Marty Walsh's competitor four years ago now says Walsh deserves another four years.

It’s hard work moving our schools forward, and I know he is committed to doing the necessary, critical work to create opportunities for all children in Boston.Together, we’re making great strides towards becoming an even better place to live. That is why I am proud to endorse Mayor Walsh for a second term. No one has fought harder to create a better tomorrow for all of us.

The Herald reports Walsh has canceled a "volunteer day" for City Hall workers to go out and knock on doors in Mattapan and remind people to vote next month.

The “connect-the-knocks” project - similar to door-to-door political canvassing of voters - amounted to what would have been a taxpayer-funded effort to promote Mayor Martin J. Walsh and his administration in the waning days of his re- election bid.

At-large Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George isn't going to let a bunch of Satanists push her around. The Satanists are threatening to sue the city, because they say it's unfair for the City Council to not let them give a pre-meeting benediction like all the priests and ministers and the occasional rabbis and imams councilors invited for the honor. Councilors say it's not their fault none of them feel like inviting a devil worshiper; Essaibi-George says she'll be darned if she'll let the Satanists tell her who she can invite to give a benediction.

District 1 (North End, Charlestown, East Boston) candidate Stephen Passacantilli says the Charlestown One proposal to replace the Bunker Hill project is just too big, the Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports.



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Mary Walsh

Mary (sic) Walsh's competitor four years ago now says Walsh deserves another four years.

Did Mary (sic) offer John something for his endorsement?

Where is Tito?

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Marty is going to win but if Tito is not going to campaign why did he bother to run for mayor.


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Tito only has $25k left (vs. Marty's $2.6million). He's pinching his pennies.

In reality, he probably ran knowing he wanted out of public service and has some cushy "consulting" job waiting for him somewhere. This is much more noble than not running for the Council again. He also got to grease a few palms on the way out. Of the $330 in campaign expenses he's had since 1/1, more than half of that has gone to "consultants", or "campaign staff".

One thing you can say about Annissa Essaibi-George

One thing you can say about Annissa Essaibi-George, she like Mary (sic) Walsh has all the right enemies. Annissa chooses satanists, Mary Walsh chooses Donald Trump. I think Marty will beat Trump on Election Day. What? Trump isn't on the ballot? Are satanists? No?

To be fair to her

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I don't think she's running against Satanists, it's more a reporter called some counselors and she just went a bit ballistic.

But it will be interesting to see how this plays out. And what happens when the Satanists demand space on the Common for one of their goat-man statues to go with the creche and the menorah?

fair enough

satanists chose her. But that thing about Walsh and Trump has been making headlines for 9 months.


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You mean Brady? Does that make Brady the devil even if you're not a jets fan?

Stephen Passacantilli

Stephen Passacantilli may have advised Walsh to 'go for' the 5 year Boston Indy Car contract without reading it (...though the not reading it part is on Mary (sic) Walsh.)

The mismanaged fiasco is still in litigation, which you are paying for. Remind me again, what does Indy Car have to do with fundamental city services? And to think people connected with his campaign lobbied Walsh on hosting Indy Car and got him to say yes and sign a five year contract without reading it. You'd have thought he learned his lesson about contracts after the Olympics.

I know a person who filed an ethics complaint about this. I don't know it the complaint has anything to do with the cancellation

Walsh has canceled a "volunteer day" for City Hall workers to go out and knock on doors in Mattapan and remind people to vote next month.

Umass and WBUR held a mayoral candidate Q&A. They asked Mary (sic) about Boston 2024 and Indy Car. He said about both "That was not a misstep," about the Olympics he said "I would go for it again."

Of course he did

Because these people are a sick cult. If Harvey Weinstein wins the 2020 Democratic nomination, he'll have a bunch of supporters too.

You Voted

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You voted for Connolly. How does the kool aid of hypocrisy taste?

Pretty rediculious to compare Walsh to Weinstein, btw. See their names start with the same letter and they are both Democrats but they are actually two different people entirely. Walsh is actually getting support because he's quite different, in fact!

He tried it already

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Do you want him to be the Adlai Stevenson of Boston?

I was never a fan of Connolly as a politician. I've been warming to him as an educational advocate.