Canal Street without cars

No cars on Canal Street

Adam Castiglioni was among those who wandered a car-free Canal Street on Open Canal Street today.



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    Only two kinds of doors on Canal Street

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    Doors to the hyper rich who occupy the luxury housing on both ends of the street and doors to the multitudes of zonked out junkie zombies, many of them middle aged women, who populate the street itself and technically don't have doors. Canal Street doesn't work for this festival type pedestrian atmosphere they are trying to create and I have a nagging suspicion it's an attempt by the rich residents to sweep out the street people.

    Hyper rich?

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    You don't have to be hyper rich to split a $3800/mo apartment with a buddy.


    You just have to be hyper dumb. $1,900 a month for a place to poop, sleep, and shower that you don't own when you leave? That's an atrocious expense.

    So says you.

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    To other it's a reasonable expense to be in a new, full-service building in the heart of a major city.


    I just don't want those people to come crying poor in old age. Or, honestly, ever.


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    It's just started. Give it time.


    In case you forgot, we have had some thunderstorms and rain and such today.

    Yeah Sunday during the day is

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    Yeah Sunday during the day is hardly a time when Canal Street would be busy, unlike Newbury St.

    I think they would be better closing it on a Friday or Saturday night, and allow the restaurants and bars to spill into the street, or simply choose a night when there's an event happening at TD Garden.