Chinatown could get Hawaiian poke place

Sampan reports a restaurant specializing in poke - sort of sushi in a bowl - is planning an outlet at 20 Tyler St.



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"I can't believe ... "

... a fish dish from some pacific island could be so good. We should broaden ties with this great island in order to keep our nation's food supply both safe and secure. Also - the KKK are good people who just got led astray by that demon marijuana. Don't let the fact that I was literally named in honor of two confederate traitors imply that I'm somehow outdated in my beliefs. "

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That dude has eaten some sort of roadkill more than once. And he liked it.

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but sidebar, while I'm not

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but sidebar, while I'm not opposed to heading to Somerville for the other poke options, having something downtown is pretty awesome. If it's even half as good as Ono Seafood in Honolulu, I'll be happy.

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