DCR commissioner to Hyde Park: We love you

The Bulletin reports DCR Commissioner Leo Roy made a special trip to Hyde Park to deny that the state parks and parkways agency wishes Hyde Park would just fall off the earth, already. Sure, the Thompson Center remains a festering pit, but how about that impending Truman Parkway repaving?




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Can the people of Hyde Park really trust a man with two first names?

A little bit of BS there

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He notes,

“Generally, across the Parks system – statewide, not just here – we have a carry in, carry out policy,”

Is that the same policy on the Esplanade? I mean, the parkland along Truman Highway is essentially the esplanade of the Neponset River. Sure, such a policy makes sense in the Blue Hill and Stony Brook Reservations proper, but not in recreational parkland.

In the same respect, a few years back, my morning runs coincided with the DCR's visit to Wiedler Park (aka Dale Street Park.) The man dutifully emptied the trash can, but noted that it is nowhere near the rest of his work. The most noteworthy thing about this guy is that he blasted classical music from his truck. Not classic rock, honest orchestral music.

That's such an odd little park

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Basically just a barely-there playground, a couple of picnic benches and two tennis courts. I've wondered how that ever became a state owned park (maybe something to do with the failed I-95 extension, which was going to run right next to it, if not over it?).

My guess

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The truly oddest thing to me is that the Department of Conservation and Recreation has jurisdiction over the tennis courts, picnic tables, swings, and slide, while Boston's Parks Department has jurisdiction over the forest-y area behind and around it. You'd think it would be the other way around.