Getting the women's message out over the turnpike

Women's protesters over the Massachusetts Turnpike

Jennifer Helfer photographed protesters at Mass. Ave. and Boylston Street this morning.



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oh i dunno, maybe how the

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oh i dunno, maybe how the trump administration is pushing for cuts to women's health initiatives, wants to restrict abortion, and has no respect for women in general?

I actually take your point...

I actually take your point... kinda...

But the irony: If we're now gonna have to rely on volunteers to provide health care, we're starting to get ourselves screwed over.

Limits to volunteerism

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Yes, because everyone wants to go to the amateur volunteer gynecologist. That seems like a sound medical decision.

That's what I want in my health care system

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Untrained volunteers working for a Catholic charity, because their access to reproductive health has been shut down by a bunch of white guys who decided on a new bit of biblical literalism.

Women whining about Trump

Come on it has nothing to do with women's health care and you know it.

It's a bunch of people who didn't get what they wanted and now they are mad at the world.

Special investigation?

-- the trump administration is pushing for cuts to women's health initiatives, wants to restrict abortion, and has no respect for women in general --

The guy holding the sign calling for a special investigation should be taught that investigations are for illegal things. Nothing you mentioned is illegal.

President Donald J Trump offered to fund Planned Parenthood without the abortions. That is not restricting. That is cutting off federal dollars used to kill babies. That is legal.

The protesters are obviously not that bright. One of them appears to be calling for a really big asteroid to hit us.*


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Federal funds are not being used to "kill babies". I suggest you inform yourself so we can finally move past that false bit of "pro-life" rhetoric:

Or, you can ignore the opportunity to learn something central to an issue you apparently feel so passionately about and just continue to pass judgement on others intelligence from behind a computer screen. Whatever works I suppose.


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President Donald J Trump offered to fund Planned Parenthood without the abortions. That is not restricting. That is cutting off federal dollars used to kill babies. That is legal.

Just in case anyone here still assigned capecoddah's opinions any more merit than FISH, you might just want to bookmark this to refer back to.

The protesters are obviously not that bright. One of them appears to be calling for a really big asteroid to hit us.*

Gee, I wonder what the sign might actually be referring to.

For fucks sake... let's say

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For fucks sake... let's say this one more time... FEDERAL FUNDING IS NOT USED FOR ABORTIONS. GOT IT??????? Educate yourself.

But federal funding is certainly used to kill innocent people in war but that 's ok right?

While We're on the Subject, Though

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I would have ZERO issues with federal funding going towards abortion. I'm sorry some people see it as immoral, but no one is forcing anyone to get an abortion. If you don't want one, don't get one. For the rest, let women have autonomy over their own bodies, please.

Not buying your generalization

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A sign that says "Weak Men Fear Sen. Warren" and a sign rambling about "The Russians" have noting to do with you anything you mentioned.

Also" I will not stop it rains glass" sorry, Hillary was an abomination and sexism has NOTHING to do with her losing.

Campaign Trail

-- Weak Men Fear Sen. Warren --

Liawatha's campaign forgot to add the comma.

Weak men, Fear Sen. Warren!

That slogan works 100 percent on the d-bags who wear those hipster black glasses. You can go through Rozzie Sq with a bullhorn and that slogan would drop them en masse to their hands and knees in a millisecond.


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The sign says "Weak Men Fear Strong Women".

Which, based on your post, is 100% accurate.

Good question

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Great message it sends that children are being kept from going to school because of this protest.... these women are the vast minortity, 98% of women are laughing at these people along with the rest of the Americans. Time to stop making up identity politics and get going with their lives.

What the actual hell...

By on a "vast minortity"?

98% of women are laughing at these people

If this number is actually real and not reeking with shit from being pulled out of your ass, you'll be able to produce evidence to back it up. Not holding my breath for that.

Meanwhile in the Middle East.

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Meanwhile in the Middle East... woman can't drive cars, cant check into hotels, get stoned for committing adultery. cant "show off their beauty," cant go swimming in public places and have roughly a 25% participation rate in MENA... man, women have it tough in the US!


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Because progress there is slower, we should not have progress anywhere else on Women's rights issues.

That's a lunkheaded argument. Something about walking and chewing gum.


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And you know how some of that happened? The rise of conservative religious political figures.

The Middle East was a very different place 50 years ago, and it might be a good idea to look at how we got from what were some fairly progressive countries, moving toward better gender equity and equality, to what is there now.

Because it looks to me like history repeating itself...

Just because things are not as bad as they could be, is no reason to be silent, and demand more than we have, to work for positive change.

But what part of the Middle

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But what part of the Middle East? Fundamentalist (conservative, whatever you wanna call it) law aka Shariah law and its treatment/view of women is well know. These views are nothing new to the ME. As you mentioned, things seemed to go down hill with the rise of theocracy. A system/style of government the USA will never be...

Not suggesting anyone be "silent" but I find some of this to be laced with hypocrisy.

Cue the slander and denouncing in 3...2....1...

The poster above

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Failed to provide you some other important context. In the '50s, the US helped stage a coop to overthrow the president of Iran, fearing they would fall victim of the Soviets and therefore communism. The more US friendly Shah was reinstated. In the 70s and 80s, while the USSR was waging war with Afghanistan, the US provided Taliban/"Freedom Fighters" with aid including weaponry to wage a proxy war against the Soviets.

A lot of the rise of Muslim theocracy in the Middle East and beyond is due to blowback for poor foreign policy of the US. That's to say we have blood in our hands for creating such harsh conditions for women abroad.

The Middle East isn't a vacuum. A lot of what you see there today, as said, is a direct result of what they have been subjected to from outside actors. Let's not delve ourselves into revisionist history otherwise.

The comments here are why we

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The comments here are why we are protesting. Women in the US have nothing to protest...nope, nothing at all.

No equal pay

You're a bitch if you're strong spoken

You're weak if you don't speak up

You went out to party? You should have been aware of your surroundings. You shouldn't have worn a dress. You shouldn't have worn heels. You shouldn't have worn makeup. You shouldn't have had a drink. You shouldn't have been out late, early, mid afternoon. You should have laid back and enjoyed it.

Raped? Well it's he said she said and we never believe the victim - do we? He's a nice boy - we don't want to ruin his life.

Insurance to cover birth control?! WHORE! (while Viagra is covered...natch). What medical issues could you have that you need BC for? Umm I dunno how about look it the fuck up as well as keep your nose out of my healthcare.

Male birth control? oh it gave us acne, migraines and made us gain weight so we stopped the study. Plus it's the woman's responsibility, not ours - right?

I'm PRO LIFE and I'm against comprehensive sex ed...and birth control. You want us to help you as single mother b/c you gave birth? How dare you want help you lazy piece of shit! You should learn to keep your legs shut. (Just so you know you are actually pro-fetus). Notice it's the women that get the shit when getting pregnant... you never hear about the men...hmmm.

Here is a fun thing for you to do...look up how many bills have been put forth against women's healthcare in the last 3 years and how many against men's healthcare.

Hilary's emails... LOCK HER UP. Trump and Sessions emails? Russian ties? NO PROBELM!

If men speak to us on the street we should respond b/c if we don't we are ugly whore bitches.

You want Catholic Charities to help? Yea right. That's a good one.

The list goes on and on. If you can't admit or see that women in this country (and the world) actually have legit issues to protest then just go be one with your privilege and put your head back in the sand.

***Cue flaming responses***

Ummmm... Pt II

-- The comments here are why we are protesting. --

I asked what you were protesting, not why.

The signs in the picture and the list you provided are simple complaints based on the fact that life is hard with consequences for actions..... and that women want special treatment.

Good luck with that.


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Basically the list of "why's" above was a list of double-standards (I.e. "What's) applied to women compared to men, which you were unable to extrapolate from. And you basically just told them to deal with it. Congratulations, you are a good example of what many women protested against today.

No. Pay attention.

-- And you basically just told them to deal with it. --

I told them good luck with it.

If I were to tell them to actually do anything it would be to identify the basis or power of the double standard and then protest or otherwise tackle a tangible aspect of the basis or power if possible.

They cannot make coherent signs for their desired goal. I would not even waste my time telling them to deal with it because they are obviously struggling with that. They are really doing well for the pity points though. I don't think that translates into higher pay in our society.


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I told them good luck with it.

You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to. I don't think women will call the whole thing off, though.

Oh stop it

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I asked what you were protesting, not why.

You were told "what", you disingenuous tool. But while we're on the subject, you didn't ASK anything because you don't want to hear the answers. You would rather mansplain what International Women's Day is all about than listen to, gosh, actual women telling you why. And when they do tell you, well surely they must be wrong because you are a man and you know better.


-- you didn't ASK anything --

Look at the first reply post. I clearly asked what they were protesting.

It turns out they are protesting abstract concepts and claiming women need special treatment when life is hard.

I wish them luck with that. It is hard to conduct a special investigation of an abstract concept. "Marcia Healy investigates why women feel compelled to answer men on the street or like be thought of as like stuck up". (one actual reason given for protest).

Women do get as equal

Women do get as equal treatment as possible in the USA. Life is hard, then you die. This is true for both genders.

If there is anything illegal going on causing an inequality, please bring it to the attention of the public or the criminal justice system and try to keep the signs a little less cryptic and a lot less hysterical.

Good luck to you all.


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Marcia Healy

It's Maura Healey, you disingenuous dimbulb.


Actually I meant to type Marsha Coakley. Geez. Dick Gephardt is gonna tear me another new one. It wasn't long ago that we weren't burdened to remember all these female attorney generals. (Insert Reno jab here and possibly Loretta Lynn/Yates. Close with Hillary joke).

-- All these special names

-- All these special names for women in authority --

I got special names for guys in authority too.

You want I should make sure I keep a 50/50 usage thing going? Slick Willy. Heheh. It will be years before we get a good one like that.