Group aims to open James Michael Curley house to the public

Inside the Curley house

James Michael Curley's old place on the Jamaicaway, which has mostly sat unused for decades, will get new life under a plan by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy to re-open it for regular historical and cultural events.

The city Board of Appeal approved the plan - in which the conservancy will use the second and third floor of the 350 Jamaicaway house as office space - on Tuesday.

Richard Dennis, Curley's stepson, who actually lived in the house between 1937 and 1956, couldn't be happier.

At the board hearing, Dennis, who himself chaired the zoning board for some 30 years, recalled looking out his bedroom window at Jamaica Pond - where he and Curley would go out on a rowboat. "I would row for him while he went fishing," he said. "He loved the pond."

An attorney for the conservancy told the board the proposal would involve no changes to the exterior of the landmark and only minimal changes to the interior. The house was built in 1915.



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The property is worth at

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The property is worth at least $3 million. Just sell it. Using half the living area for office space for a conservancy is not an efficient use of public property. It's basically making a $100k / year donation from the taxpayers to the conservancy.

Curley Mansion

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It is a wonderful tribute to one of the historic giants in Massachusetts history, a gentleman whose legacy lives on in so many vibrant places.

If Dick Dennis, approves, it is, i, worthy of approval!!!

He Was A Crook

You have to love the Mythology of Curley by the local Irish American community. "Curley had the washerwomen get up off of the floor" "Curley took a government test for a friend" Blah blah blah. He was an embarrassment.

Curley built this mansion on graft of government funds. He made himself rich while passing himself off as "Mayor Of The Poor".

He was an egomaniac and did enough self-serving through his office holding (which included the governorship at one point) that it makes 45 selling his MAGA hats look cute by comparison.

Take the time to read "I Did It Again" by Curley and then read The Rascal King by Jack Beatty. I'm with Beatty on the legacy of JMC to this city. The city's tax base eroded under Curley and the city went into steep decline because of the way the city was run and the expected payouts that went with it.

There reportedly is a picture of Curley out there doing the Mussolini Fascist salute at a feast in the North End. Good times, eh?

The best legacy on Curley was from a few years before he died. He had devolved to being a bag man for the Democratic machine. He gave one local office holder an envelope with $400 in it. The office holder said later he always wondered if Curley nipped $100 from the original $500 or $600 from the original $1,000.

It is about time the City got some of its money back for this waste of funds. Get it back on the tax rolls. He's got two statues, get rid of the mansion.

Thankfully John Hynes and John Collins got this city going again or we would be a salt water St. Louis.

Tax payers are'nt paying for it

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The George Robert White Fund pays for it. $3M is pocket change for a city, it's not worth selling it to be condo'd out for a few out of town JP Liberals.

WTF does this even mean?

Who in your worldview would be allowed to purchase a unit in this then if not a JP resident? Someone who can trace their city lineage back to Curley's era or something? If it's going to be used fine, but this city is chock full of historical buildings - we don't have to be held hostage by some nostalgia for a more corrupt era of politics.

Why did it just sit there all this time?

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It's mildly historical, but c'mon, either put it to good use or sell it and move on. Glad to see that something is going in there, but unless they turn it into Lombardo's on the J-Way, it's not likely to earn it's keep.

A family member had her

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A family member had her wedding reception there. She worked for the city. It was a great reception - beautiful day in late September (warm, sunny). The Junior League had just used it for their show house, so it was in great shape.

We used pumpkins, tulle and ivy leaves for the centerpieces. It was a lot of fun.

At one point

the Curley House was rented out for events. That ended some years ago. I don't think being a city employee had anything to do with it.


In case people are wondering 5 (James) 7 (Michael) 6 (Curley).

Reportedly Cardinal Cushing also had a special number for his car too. I cannot recall it but it was a code number as well.


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#576 is now assigned as the registration poster for the mayor of Boston.

Incidentally, 5-7-6 represents the number I'd letters in James Michael Curley.