JP cold-brew tea place to open second location in Charlestown

Evy Chen will open a branch of her Tea Bar by Evy on Charlestown's Monument Avenue, according to the Boston Local Development Corp., which is providing a loan for the expansion, and which says the new location could be open next month.

Chen began serving up cold-brew tea on Amory Street in JP since 2014. Her tea is also sold at Whole Foods and other locations.




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"Monument Square"???

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This does not appear to be in Monument Square. I am not aware of any commercially-zoned spaces in Monument Square, which I believe is a protected historic district due to its being adjacent to a nationally significant historic site.

The link cited gives an address of 1 Monument AVENUE, which would be at the corner of Main Street, and two long blocks from Monument Square.

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Looks like it's going in

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Looks like it's going in where Sorelle was, before closing that location. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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