Look Who's Coming To Speak at Resist Marxism: Rally for the Republic

Look who's coming to speak at Resist Marxism: Rally for the Republic, Saturday November 18, it's Joey Gibson, who founded the group Patriot Prayer, a right wing, sometimes anti-government, and sometimes pro-Trump group that held rallies from San Francisco to Seattle, places known for liberal politics.

The San Jose Mercury News describes Patriot Prayer as a "right-wing group ... [whose] events ... have attracted white supremacists and ended up in violent confrontations among demonstrators on both sides."

According to the BBC, Patriot Prayer have been connected to the alt-right as well as other far-right groups. Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson denies this saying the group is neither white nationalist or alt-right and that they support “freedom, love and peace". The group's stated aim is support of the first amendment, free speech and to "liberate the conservatives on the West Coast".

David Neiwert, writing for the Southern Poverty Law Centre blog Hatewatch described Patriot Prayer as "trolling" the northwest with the intention of provoking a response from far-left antifascists. Neiwart noted that Gibson denounced white supremacists and neo-Nazis during the 13 August rally in Seattle the day after the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, and that Gibson also contends he has taken steps to exclude white supremacist groups. During the 13 August rally in Seattle such groups had no obvious presence; however, a week earlier another rally in Portland, Oregon led by Gibson saw members of Identity Evropa in attendance.

See if you can identify all of the false assertions Joey makes about the Free Speech rally in August in his video about coming in November.

Resist Marxism formerly identified as Free Speech in rallies on Boston Common in May and August .



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    He must not know much about history then

    The Japanese certainly had a "master race" type of thing going on when they romped through the Pacific before and during WWII.

    So marxists are endangering the Republic now? Is that the case? I thought it was the corporofascists currently in power, ignoring the constitution whenever it wasn't convenient (like Beauregard blathering about imprisoning reporters), and profiteering from office. Oh. Silly. Me.

    Marxist is about trolling the left,alt-knights is about violence

    Violence by alt-right and pro-Trump actors at and around Free Speech/Unite The Right/ Trump Patriots Day rallies

    Post Charlottesville, many groups that had no problem associating with alt-right white nationalists, neo-Nazi and KKK decided to try to save their images by dissociating with alt-right white nationalists.

    In some cases video taken at prior events made it hard for many of them who can be seen cheering for a white ethno-nation or an alt-knights guy telling an audience in Southern Cal. to prepare for a race war, that on a vice video.

    Other guest speakers at events subsequent to Charlottesville included people who authored books titled "10 things I Hate About Jews," and a Holocaust Denier, and a virulent homophobe, and Kyle Chapman the guy famous for hitting people over the head with a stick, who carried a knife and sidearm to Berkeley protests (was arrested and arraigned for it,) and founded alt-knights the street fighting arm of Proud Boys. He came to Boston in May and August rallies.

    Trump is on record encouraging violence at political rallies and encouraging police to mistreat people they arrest. Those messages are not lost on Trumps dedicated followers.

    We can do without violence and hate on Jews, people of color, LGTBQ, women, Muslims. They are not to blame.

    You want to blame someone for Americans getting screwed, blame 50 Republican senators, VP Pence and Donald Trump for killing a rule that allowed bank customers to join class action suits against banks when they were ripped off.

    Tne Intercept's excellent video of alt-right origin and nature

    The Intercept's excellent video of the origin and nature of the alt-right, How White Nationalism Became Normal Online includes a speech by Kyle Chapman which will inspire you if you're into white resentment and victimhood and think street violence is not only the best way to resolve political differences but it's necessary because people of color threaten our culture (...like the Blues, rock and roll and Jazz I guess) Watch it here.

    Here are some excerpts from Kyle's Chapman's speech in Anaheim CA at Make Cali Great: Summer of Conservatism Conference:

    "We are in a war people. This isn't a game. We are in a war. The second battle of Berkeley I broke my hand. I detached my bicep from my humorous completely knocking out an antifa punk.

    I believe these people have targeted whites specifically the very progenitors of western civilization are white people and we have been targeted for destruction.

    Antifa is a perfect example of it white guilt run amok. These are all white kids..We have to speak out against the war on whites.. Whites as a group has done far more for this world than any other group and all they do is talk shit about white people..I will not be ashamed to be white here now or ever.

    You must sacrifice. You must bleed. And some of you might have to..die. We have lit a fire in the hearts of men all over this world. We are ushering in a return of the warrior western society our men are waking up, they are boots on the ground, they are hitting the streets,and they are ready to bleed for the society, for this civilization, and this country.

    What do we stand for? Freedom
    What do we bleed for? Freedom
    What do we die for? Freedom

    That's what I'm talking about.

    Who is surprised some dumb ass from Ohio decided vehicular homicide was the best way to strike a blow in the race war in America for Trump conservatism and against people of color and their liberal allies?

    Kyle Chapman's work is sponsored. I'm betting it's Mercer money because it's tied to the Free Speech/Resist Marxism sponsored speeches. It's everyone's problem now.

    Chapman is not the only person who thinks this far right movement (that's ready to embrace menace and violence as a means) exists and is international ('society 'culture'.) 20% of Netherlands and France's parliaments are far-right ethno-nationalist and anti-immigrant, and 13% of Germany's.

    Leaders in Poland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Russia and US are all in varying degrees attacking democratic institutions such as independent judiciary, free press, democratically elected government and two key liberal values; irule of law, and equal protection under law. (We even have a Dept of Justice employee standing between an undocumented immigrant and a court-ordered constitutionally guaranteed abortion procedure by denying court-ordered transportation to the clinic for a privately funded abortion)


    By on

    Have you ever spoken to Kyle? have you ever paid attention to what his actual message is? Its all about fighting for our country, our constitution, and everything true patriotic stand for. I have met Kyle- I have spoken to him, I have defended him, and I have gone to bat for him because he is a person who would protect me if need be because that's what hes about. Yes he screwed up his arm pretty good. I have seen him see his friend being dragged away by antifa members, and defended him, swinging the wooden pole he had holding an America n flag on it. Hes honest, blunt and far from perfect, but Id trust him to look out for me because hes protective of women in general. Yes he has a past- but don't we all? Its no ones fault that guy drove through Charlottesville.

    Thank you, now please stop posting about how wonderful he is

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    By your own admission, he has a violent past that includes using a flagpole as a weapon. Sorry, while we all have a past, for most of us that does not include violence.

    Its no ones fault that guy drove through Charlottesville.

    Bullshit. Please find another site if you wish to continue defending this guy. Further comments will just be deleted.

    mislabeling of the right

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    Ok- listen up. The majority of the people who are attending the Freedom of Speech/ Constitution loving rallies/marches are NOT the violent ones, nor are they the racist ones. I have not seen so many racist people than I have in the people on the left who continue to spew about their oppression, about their hatred for the rights of whom they accuse of being racist, but I have yet to see many of those on the right carrying signs promoting violence towards other races. That would be the Anti-fa, BLM, and BAMN groups. I don't see the right blocking roadways, destruction of property, burning down buildings, shooting at cops. I don't see the right hitting people with bike locks, or throwing rocks at cops, paralyzing one. Yes there are times when there is a scuffle etc but its usually in self defense on the rights side, against assaults by the left. Its pathetic when you have so much hatred for people who simply want our countries laws to be enforced- including immigration-without ever listening to a damn thing they say without twisting it into a complete misinterpretation of the intended message because it doesn't meet the negative narrative they want people to pay attention to. Being in this country illegally is breaking the law, making those people criminals. Its not the immigration part most of us have an issue with, its the illegal part we object to. Part of the 1st amendment is freedom of speech and freedom to peacefully protest. Those of us who are constitutionally bound patriotic americans go to these Rallys to encourage more citizens to learn our countries history and the laws in place as our forefathers wrote them, to keep their vision for America alive. I find it appalling that the interpretation that many of us get from the left is that we should be apologetic and embarrassed to be white. I am extremely proud of my familys heritage and the centuries they have been here- fighting, bleeding and dying for this country and find it heart breaking to hear some people think I owe them something because I'm white. Nope I don't, my family has sacrificed enough, paid enough, by fighting and dying for our countrys citizens and legal residents to continue having those freedoms, including the rights for all citizens to have freedom of speech. Just to be clear- my rights do not end where your feelings begin, and yes-any race can be racist against another. Racism is not racially exclusive to one. If that were the case I wouldn't be the proud American woman I am- and that has ZERO to do with my skin color. Get over yourselves people, we aren't looking to fight but we wont back down from one either- our rights, country and those we love are too important not to fight for. Shut off CNN and maybe pay attention to the messages of those who have spoken at these rallys. You may find out that the main stream media has been using you for puppets, because they are losing control of the country and turning us against eachother is the only way they can ever ATTEMPT to regain the control they lost when they lost the election.

    Kyle Chapman leader of alt

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    Kyle Chapman leader of alt-right street fighting organization called alt-knights was invited to speak in Boston at both prior rallies in May and August.

    As long as organizers include on their speaker line-up people who are famous principally because of violence you will not convince me that the potential for violence at Free Speech or Resist Marxism rallies is not endemic

    Kyle Chapman Became a Meme, ‘Based Stickman,’ After He Hit a Protester With a Stick. He was charged with a felony after Berkeley. His violence has been mythologized:

    The movement that's fueling Trump's white nationalist supporters..


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    Have you met Kyle? Talked to Kyle? I have. He is one of the few I would want at my side should the shit come tumbling down. Yes, he did hit that guy with the baton? Have you watched the entire video of the situation? His friend was being dragged away by a few guys, so he was defending his friend, which is a right according to California Penal Code § 198.5 - 199.

    Repeat Felon Is Hero Alt-Right Deserves

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    So far two rallies in Boston in May and in August, and so far two invitations for Kyle Chapman to speak, the second invitation after

    • Heather Heyer was murdered in Charlottesville by an alt-right neo-Nazi and after
    • Chapmen was arrested for violence at "free speech/resist marxism" rallies, and for bringing a knife and a firearm to a political free speech rally for which he was arrested and arraigned.

    Sounds like a nice guy. Doesn't say much for the good judgment or good will of Boston free speech/resist marxism organizers.


    MAY 8--The latest hero of the alt-right, a California man who has beaten and maced anti-Trump protesters on the streets of Berkeley, is a thrice-convicted felon who has served three separate prison terms, jumped bail, twice violated parole, used cocaine, LSD, and meth, and was described by his own lawyer as having “severe psychological problems,” court records show.

    Kyle Chapman, a 41-year-old rough boy committed to destroying the “neo-Marxist scourge,” was arrested March 4 following a melee at a rally organized by Trump supporters. While marchers purportedly were there in support of free speech, Chapman--who has spent a combined 10 years behind bars--came dressed for a fight.

    Chapman, a Bay Area resident, was one of ten combatants busted, but he alone emerged from the “March on Berkeley” as a fully formed right wing meme. Chapman wore a baseball helmet, shin guards, ski goggles, and a gas mask. He carried pepper spray and swung a large wooden closet rod. Chapman also toted a protective shield, a la Captain America.

    Kyle Chapman

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    Ahh pulling out the bs smoking gun article. Newflash dear- its not a smoking gun. He has never denied his past legal issues. That doesnt mean he hasnt grown into one of the few people I want beside me if we are to ever be trapped in a situation like we were in August. Say what you want- but I can tell you from my own experience- he is super protective of women and is extremely intelligent and caring. If you judged me by my past- I wouldnt be getting my criminal justice degree in May. Hes a great guy- he just doesnt have much bs tolerance- much like myself. Everyone has a past. Hes done some unwise things but hes not that person anymore.

    Kyle Chapman

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    sounds like a great guy:

    • man who has beaten and maced anti-Trump protesters on the streets of Berkeley
    • a thrice-convicted felon who has served three separate prison terms, jumped bail, twice violated parole
    • used cocaine, LSD, and meth,
    • described by his own lawyer as having “severe psychological problems,” court records show.

    (Feel free to contest the facts. Cite a source.)

    His whiteness though and his claim we're in a war for whiteness. Don't mistake that for rhetoric. Amazing speech: White people are victims. We're in a war. We'll fight like warriors. Some will have to die.

    alt-right = white nationalism = neo-kkk. You can draw a direct line from Kyle Chapman to the neo-nazi who killed Heather Heyer.