Manbun halts Orange Line

Guy with manbun escorted off Orange Line tracks

John Kendricken reports his Orange Line train came to a halt between Ruggles and Mass. Ave. late this morning due to a guy who decided to hang out on the tracks. For his safety and that of the Transit cops sent to get him out of there, the T cut power on the line, Kendricken reported around 11:30:

It's starting to get really warm and smelly in here.



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It's starting to get really warm and smelly in here.

So this differs from any other day on the Orange Line?

At least if they keep moving,

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At least if they keep moving, you get a cross winds from all of the rust holes which in turn at least keep the air circulating.

Here's how it's different:

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The report said "it's STARTING to get warm and smelly in here." Meaning, there as a time earlier during their ride when it wasn't warm and smelly. That's different than usual!

God job T cops

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What was he charged with when they arrested him?

Well, if you rely on the T alerts

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the power must still be off, because they haven't yet issued an 'all clear' alert for the police action.

That having been said, 'delays due to a minor' does not have the same meaning as 'minor delays.


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you had some days back in your time, didn't you?

Man buns

The man bun is to 2017 what the mullet was to 1989. Seriously, unless you are The Dude from The Big Lebowski or a Samurai warrior there is no reason at all for it.


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What if a bun is the only sure-fire, completely undetectable way to hide an ever-expanding bald spot? (Asking for a friend.)

It doesn't work

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If "your friend" thinks it's undetectable he's only fooling himself. Manbuns to hide bald spots are the combovers of the 2010s.

I miss the days...

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...when "manbuns" denoted an entirely different part of the male anatomy. :-)

Old fogey here

who was a (male) fashion victim in my teens and 20s in the 1980s. (No photos survive, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately.) Considering the hair styles of that decade, I don't have a leg to stand on to criticize boys and young men who choose to wear a man-bun. It's orders of magnitude less stupid-looking than my own hair 30 years ago. In my own defense, at least I never wore anything that could be described as a mullet.