Marty Walsh explains himself

Boston Magazine interviews the mayor on why he deserves a second term.



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Big government

they are expecting more out of their mayor and their government than just simply taking the trash out and putting the lights on.

No, no, that's actually really all I expect or demand of municipal government. We're smart people, thank you. Just stay out of our way unless called upon.

Also, does Marty not understand math?


the median net worth of white Bostonians is over $247,000, while the median net worth of “U.S. Black” Bostonians is $8.


Well, I think when you take away the very high-end earners in the city of Boston, you’re going to see the gap close.

That's the point of "median," big guy. The flaw you point out is what skews the mean.

Now, now... you really dont

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Now, now... you really dont expect a politician to be good at math do you?

This is Marty Math: Drug users - large drug treatment center = less drug users. Especially along the sh$thole that was the trash heap of the mass ave connector this AM.

Seriously disgusting.


Four cruisers responded to one guy outside the CVS across from my house last week. We can't build the simplest bridge, but we can pay for a police department so overstaffed, four cruisers can respond to one unarmed guy outside a CVS. Riiiiiiight.

And our cops are actually quite good based on what I read in the news about cops in other places. I largely like 'em, there are just too many making too much money.

Mad police responded to possibly help Save a life ?

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People like you can't be pleased I guess . Officers typically like to help each other out on those calls ... have you ever seen someone woken up with narcan ? They are usually pretty pissed off . Also bpd is actually short staffed. Just ask the officers who are getting ordered to work 3 extra shifts a week.

Ordered by whom?

I didn't ask for additional police protection. I'm satisfied with existing BPD staffing levels. What civilian citizen asked for three extra shifts a week?

As for somebody being upset over being revived with Narcan, get a DNR order, or, you know, stop breaking the law, (expletive).

There is minimum manning in

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There is minimum manning in every area based on call volume and current violent crime. Average cop does well but those that make a lot do so by working forced 90 hour weeks.

Ah, you didn't ask. So it's

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Ah, you didn't ask. So it's all about your wants? You think because you see 4 police cars that the force is overstaffed? Did you grow up in Mayberry or something?

No, I think it's overstaffed

Because I saw 24 cars respond to one guy with one axe in Medford. I know it's a different city, but police overstaffing appears to be a problem everywhere. These guys aren't cheap, my wages aren't rising, and the cost of living is rising.

As for my wants, I can't be the only person tired of working until April every year before I keep the money I make. What if we cut everybody's taxes, and then you can hire cops to stand outside your home with your own money?


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If you're paying 33% of your income in taxes, you should find a new accountant.


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Actually sounds pretty low - everyone who bought their condos prior to 2012 would have at least that much in equity alone at this point, not counting their savings and 401k. I thought it would be closer to 500k.

They lost me at

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Only one opponent. Sure, I can't name the other 2 guys, but I know they are out there.


I wouldn't wipe my (expletive) with BoMag at this point. Go back to telling me which suburb I should live in.

Explain this

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Will Walsh take any responsibility for the IndyCar disaster-e.g. not checking out the promoter or race finances, or getting community buy-in?

Would Walsh do anything different regarding the IndyCar race-e.g. be really transparent before he signed contracts?

Did the promoter's inside access to Walsh via consultants who were close to him contribute to the IndyCar disaster?

Does Walsh regret having devoted thousands of hours of public employee time to the failed IndyCar race?

How could Walsh have possibly thought the IndyCar race was a good idea given the Seaport's overwhelming construction and traffic?

He doesn't do

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Half the stuff Menino did in the community. R.I.P Menino.


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But he's only been in office one fifth the time.

Of course, it was enough time to get his name on the stupid Menino city signs.