This sandwich fights fascists

Mei Mei Street Kitchen reports that tomorrow it will donate all proceeds from the sale of its signature Double Awesome sandwiches to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Some people are saying that restaurants should stay out of politics. But we're one of few minority-woman owned restaurants among our peers, operating in an industry that grapples with significant gender and racial inequality. Our staff is over 50% people of color, and over 50% women. We know from experience that it’s not enough to just "not be racist." We must speak and we must act. Silence would betray our commitment to anti-racism. It would tell our team that avoiding controversy is more important than they are.



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    Atta boy!

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    More if this please. I'm donating too. Just makes way too much sense.

    Yes, there are other things

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    As I type this, there are 20 posts on the home page. 12 of them have nothing to do with either Nazis or racists.

    OK, but having said that

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    Yeah, I'm writing a lot about racists. And, yeah, there's a reason.

    This is 2017 and we have Nazis coming into our city. There may only be 25 of them, but, damn, no, I don't want any Nazis here.

    Secondarily, these pukes are interfering with a major part of the city. The Common and the Public Garden are effectively closed for several hours on a weekend day during peak times for both visitors and residents to enjoy them. The people who run the pushcarts on the Common are losing out on a peak day for them. There will be at least 500 cops on the Common.

    That's big news, and so I cover it, and which gets us back to my first point:

    This is 2017 and we have Nazis coming into our city. No. I'm no organizer, I'm not fighter, but I'm a writer. And so I write (well, post).


    "This is 2017 and we have Nazis..." 70 years ago, this would have been unthinkable. We had just eradicated Naziism, at the cost of enormous personal sacrifice by all of our people, and thousands of lives. Anyone who showed a swastika flag would have been dealt with, harshly and immediately.

    Also at that time, it would have been unthinkable for the government to sanction torture of prisoners. That was something Nazis did, not something Americans did.

    Now we have a man sitting in the White House who excuses Nazi demonstrations, who approves of the use of torture, who promotes violence against those who disagree with him, who threatens political opponents with arrest, who winks at racism.

    This is not progress. This is not American. This is not acceptable. Opposition to these things is patriotic, and American, and right.

    Word perrupter!

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    Well said.

    When Trump was elected, before he had even done anything, I vowed to oppose him with every fiber of my being based solely on his campaign rhetoric. Like others, I had him pegged as un-American scum.

    He has confirmed that many times over and I've redoubled my opposition to him and his ilk.

    Nazis have the right to assemble on the Common and we have the right to show what we think of them. It's not going to be a good day for them.

    And kudos to Adam for shining a light on these cockroaches. This is the most important story in Boston right now and Gaffin is doing a fine job exposing this filth. Keep up the good work, sir.

    Theatrics & Hysterics

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    As an individual whose weekend plans have already been disrupted by the closure of the Common Garage, I am most disappointed in the "counter protestors" (they are the expected masses) and with the Mayor (for the security theatre).

    Reports may be right that some 25 "nazis" are in town. And Adam has made clear that he believes young adults with the made-up pepe frog/kek culture are "nazis," but last time they were at the bandstand, it was the masked and black-clad stick-wielding group holding the entire hill of the soldiers/sailors monument that made my family uncomfortable to be by the frog pond and carousel.

    Now I understand that the expected masses today (aka "the counter-protest") should include pink and rainbows and such and not only black, but however more of a "peaceful" veneer, it still negatively affects my family's weekend, and portends of new civil war, preposterously. Drama queens all.

    So, while I never sympathize with Nazis, I now also do not sympathize with people who put on the anti-nazi theater. The world is only better for it in your own heads.

    It's very sad a counter-protestor was killed in another city when confronting nazis at their own rally. The murderer will face justice. That is enough for me.

    Your weekend plans may be ruined for life

    Rumor has it that the Common Garage maybe closed forever - oh the humanity - Anon's family plans are ruined forever - there is no other parking in the entire city. What injustice - imagine thousands of people have the unmitigated gall to want to ruin your weekend by exercising the right to oppose bigotry and hate. Those inconsiderate slobs - betcha they are all illegals and welfare receipts (have you spoken to Howie about this?)

    And congratulations on your posting - you manage to get in enough slurs to just about cover every group of people you apparently despise (albeit in a plausibly deniable way - nice touch!).

    Just one question - nothing going on in NH this weekend?


    Congrats on challenging the "the rock hit the Holocaust memorial by accident" post as the most laughably implausible UHub comment of the week.


    What motivated you to take a shot at Adam for tracking a developing news line that local, state and national media iare also covering?

    I mean really - what was the point? It is not a made-up story. It is significant enough of an event (particularly after last w/e's events in VA) that the City has determined it should assign 500 PO's to the location - should Adam ignore it - only do 1 - 2 or 3 reports?

    What's the correct amount of reports he should do so your sensibilities are not offended?

    Getting the inside scoop on Boston metro happenings is what makes UH unique - he certainly has earned credibility for his reporting (to wit: many of the news outlets utilize his feeds). Boston residents heavily participate in the commentary offering insight and knowledge that is often missing in straight print or televised news .

    I won't beat a dead horse here but I got to say - sometimes I really am puzzled why people log on to a social website when the content irritates the shit out of them so much.

    The entire thing is overblown.

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    The number of neo-Nazis and racists attending are a small minority of the overall group. They grab headlines. I'm sure there have been neo-Nazi rallies in Boston that have been largely ignored. I'm doing my best to ignore them but the media, including Adam, isn't allowing me to do that. So now we'll have another group of counter rioters who will light fire to the assembly. I rarely log into Universal Hub since Donald Trump was elected because you people are in hysterics but I still Like it on Facebook so that's why I'm here. By the way, my sensibilities are not offended.

    You really ought to get your stories straight

    You live in Stoughton, graduated from Cohasset High School, grew up in East Boston, moved to the Great Lakes area 24 years, were in the Navy, were in the Army,..what's the real story?

    By the way, like to spin info much - your tweet yesterday to Brandon Darby blaming UHub for creating hysterical was more than a little dishonest...but then again lying is a prerequisite to qualify as used cars or real estate agents, isn't it?

    A snippet of yesterday's tweet:

    Replying to @brandondarby
    I'm from Boston. People around here are hysterical thanks to CNN and (link: -

    you went on to say that the guy runnning UHub was calling everybody Nazis - he didn't do that - you simply lied.

    Couple of other questions, if you don't mind

    Right off of the top of my appears you were in the Navy for less than a year - was that a regular four year enlistment?

    Also my understanding is that you were a Lt in the Mass National Guard for 3 years based in Quincy - pretty impressive - was that the result of a "Battlefield Commission?" ROTC? OCS? Just asking.

    One more thing - you say you grew up in Boston - was that before you attended school in Chelsea, Hanover & Cohasset?

    Only asking because I want to make sure I understand the facts? Nothing personal.

    You forgot to mention yesterday, that you have previously

    Claimed to be a Navy Seabee. Remember?

    That too is impressive. Only problem is your other published career accomplishments & claims (and the addendum timeline) don't appear in sync.

    Note if you would the qualification requirements to be a Seabee

    new enlistees only need a high school diploma and receive all of their trade schooling in the Navy – in exchange for a five-year enlistment rather than the usual four. You did less than a year in the Navy - you attended 1 Navy school which was required as a prerequite to undergoing SeaBee. A number of your various published career chronologies indicate you returned to Massachusetts indicating to me you never underwent Seabee training. Correct me if you would.

    We can discuss your CommissionecdOfficers' training to include it's timeline later.

    All of that is 100% true.

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    No embellishments.

    By the way, Adam has been extremely liberal using Nazi to describe just about everybody he doesn't agree with.

    P.S. You're creepy.

    He when off the

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    Deep end right after the election. I agree is highly annoying.

    Semen retention has mental consequences

    As a public service to Anon & Mr Bowen, I thought it might be helpful if I spent a moment to highlight for you what maybe the reason why you continue to find yourself agitated by the actions of others - in your case, that being the “counter-protesters” (sometimes refer to as “thugs, welfare leeches, them people, etc.,etc.).

    This compulsion of yours to rant on social media sites is not your fault. You are not alone. Help can be had.

    You see, you are exhibiting all the symptoms of Semen Retention Syndrome - while research is incomplete, it is a vicious condition that does seem to impact a disproportionate number of Trump voters, middle age men, onservatives, people who are unhappy in life, and individuals that believe “the others”have denied them their rightful opportunities to self-actualized.

    Most people are not aware, that the intentional as well as involuntary retention of semen can cause symptoms that are just as bad as those suffered by GOP members of Congress that engage in over masturbation.

    A possible consequence of quitting regular sex may be noticeable irritation with the rest of humanity with a particular animus towards those people who are different from you.

    Left untreated, a person will experience inflammatory pains in the penis and testicles upon arousal. The problem is that the source of arousal in often found in posting anti-social comments on the Internet.

    After only a few weeks of abstaining, a man will notice it is very difficult to be around his girlfriend, wife or people in general. Men trying to overcome sexual depravation will still get erections, but will avoid a normal sexual activity in favor of the pleasure they get from posting provocative comments on social websites. This is because they don't want to prevent a full recovery from sexual denial - they have come to believe not playing well with others is more gratifying than being civil. It is a vicious cycle…I cite O-Fish-L as perfect example of a guy suffering from semen retention and his compulsion of looking for love in all the wrong places.

    Anyway, you should be thankful that you still get erections; you just need to learn to prevent and treat the inflammatory pain associated with them. Ergo, avoid social websites.


    Yes you are. Especially with your amusing impotence when it comes to shoving that Overton Window around and attempts to gaslight us by sharing your weak grasp of reality.

    I hear that Scientists who worked during the Obama administration are predicting an eclipse on Monday ... shouldn't you be using your energy telling us all how that MUST be a hoax and we are all overreacting by planning to view it blah blah blah fart blah pffft?

    Your equation doesn't add up...

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    Using terms like "Overton window" and "gaslight(ing)" means that you must be from the internet. Lulz...

    Your deduction and implication that I don't believe in science and more specifically, manmade climate change, because I don't agree with all the hysterics relating to Nazis and racists is completely wrong. You're reaching...

    It makes you a fool

    WWII was a thing. It didn't happen overnight or with just a small group of people. Go read up on it.

    Don't lecture me on military history...

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    My family has been more involved in the military than yours will ever be! My daughter lost a great-grandfather in Normandy! My father served in Viet Nam. I served in The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army! Tell me about your dedication to the United States military...


    You know this ... um ... how?

    Simple conclusion: You have no way of knowing this.

    BTW ... how many years did you serve? I've got honorable discharge papers, dear. You?


    On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.

    Even if you tell them.