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New Back Bay restrooms

The MBTA is showing off the revamped restrooms at Back Bay station, which opened this week.



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Don't worry

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They probably burned some stale urine incense last night to give it the familiar odor.

Reading the tweeter responses

Helps me have faith that people will always complain. Several people complained about spending the money on bathrooms instead of improved service. Like you can't win.

I have no idea if they will stay clean and not stink to high heaven before long, but if they do stay reasonably free of stench and drug users it is money well spent. Better service (or trains) is several orders of magnitude more money - and people no doing stupid shit on the tracks.

Sadly, you're spot-on

There is no "winning" for everyone, regardless of what potential good can come from something, because there's always THAT person who wants to point out what future downfalls may come from this good.

That's why I miss not having the internet...those with a ridiculous and unproven opinion were left to moan about it to whoever was willing to be in their vicinity, and it went no further than that (usually, not beyond a street or school).

Oddly enough...

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Funny you mention it. Shit on the tracks is what most people would have preferred at Back Bay before they redid all the bathrooms.

Nice job

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Give the MBTA some credit. I would have installed sinks and foot baths for the homeless and needle boxes for patrons to discard needles


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need a rack of Playboys for those that will pleasure themselves in full view of everyone.


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+1 to Adam for "St. James Infirmary" reference.

it looks beautiful.

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it looks beautiful.
It is nice to know there is a good place to go when there.

Oooooh, thats the cleanest,

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most beautiful and modern stainless steel public bathroom sink I've ever seen...

for me to POOP ON.

For shame

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A subway bathroom without subway tile?

Kidding: looks lovely. They seem to have figure out how to make something tough that still has aesthetics, instead of just shrugging and putting in something industrial.

And the mere idea of a public restroom is amazing in this day and age.