Too frickin' early for this nonsense

With pumpkin-spice beer on the shelves in time for July Fourth, it was probably inevitable that Halloween stuff would show up soon after - such as the Shaw's in Somerville, where Stephanie managed to contain her outrage long enough to snap this shot.



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Star Market on Mt. Auburn in

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Star Market on Mt. Auburn in Cambridge had Halloween display out when I visited tonight- I know the best holiday Reese's are the early ones- but the pumpkins would have melted had I bought them tonight

The great candy vacuum

We are outside of the Candy Holiday portion of the year. That means two things: people are eating less candy and candy gets branded for the next candy holiday to prevent unbranded candy lying fallow during the candy saturated fall and winter months.

Something funny here.

I guess candy is a legit release, but Shipyard Pumpkinhead (from the July 4 post) isn't released until September. I'm thinking that Shipyard might be old stock from last year that they threw up on the shelves rather than QC it. I'd check date codes before I bought it.

Halloween City

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Halloween City's 'popup' stores (they only seem to lease through the end of October) are already appearing and it's not even the end of July.


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Soon I'll be seeing a box of Pumpkin Spice K-Cups near the coffee machine at work. I know it's coming any day now...

Shaw's or Star Market?

I think all the ones in Somerville and Cambridge have been renamed back to Star (which is what they started out as before the Shaw's merger)

Oh, yeah

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Well here I am to complain about your complaint about his complaint about your complaining.

So there!

Got ya beat

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Saw a woman on the 35 bus leaving Dedham Mall with a new AC Moore Christmas shopping bag. She verified that she wasn't reusing an old bag, AC Moore had just given it to her for her purchases.

When I got off the bus, we wished each other a Merry Christmas.


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I was at a Cracker Barrell last weekend (don't judge me! I was visiting relatives & had no choice!) & they had Halloween AND Thanksgiving stuff for sale.

Some years ago

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I was in the Shaw's turned Star Market on Comm Ave by BU. It was early July and the staff were setting stuff up in the seasonal aisle by the rear escalator.

The manager instructed the stocker to get out the back to school dorm items and set them out in the empty space. The stocker questioned this, saying that college move in isn't for two months. To which the manager replied, "Yeah it's dumb, but the summer stuff is sold out and the dorm stuff is sitting in the stock room, we can't just have empty space on the shelves."

Ever since then I've had more patience with ridiculous seasonal displays. Blame the shipping patterns, not the stores.