Towing in Kenmore Square begins Sunday morning; bars asked to shut doors at end of third quarter

By now, Boston officials have their post-Super Bowl planning down pat: At a press conference today, Mayor Martin Walsh and Police Commissioner William Evans described a series of steps to prevent the kind of violence and death Boston saw in the past decade in the areas of Kenmore Square and Fenway.

"Everyone please come out and celebrate; all we're doing is asking people to be responsible," Evans said at a City Hall press conference. "The good thing is we're getting good at winning and hopefully we're getting good at crowd control."

Evans said the hardest part of the planning now is the order to have off-duty officers come in - "a lot of them have never gotten to see a Patriots victory in their entirety."

Key to the plan is crowd control and reducing potential vandalism targets: That's why police will bring in barriers in the third quarter to help prevent several possible large crowds heading to Kenmore from Boylston, Comm. Ave. and Brookline Ave. from converging into one giant uncontrollable mob and why cars will be banned from Kenmore Square starting Sunday morning.

Part of the effort also involves asking bar owners - who met with Evans earlier this week - to bar admission after the game's third quarter.

Extra police patrols will circulate in the area to quell any issues, Evans said - emphasizing that BPD will maintain its usual number of officers in other parts of the city.

"This is all about preventing anyone from getting hurt and any vandalism," Evans said.

Walsh said he's asking college students to stay on their campuses - although that was a request, not an order.

Unlike in Atlanta, where the city is letting bars stay open later than usual, Boston will concentrate on ensuring bars do not exceed their licensed capacities and do not let in underage drinkers. Evans said BPD detectives will be out in full force checking bars, especially in the Kenmore/Fenway area.

Evans said he did not know offhand the cost of the extra police presence and towing, but added, "yeah, it's costly but if we prevent one child getting hurt every penny's worth it as far as I'm concerned."

Walsh added that after meeting with his staff, he decided not to bet on the game with the mayor Atlanta. He said that every time he got into a wager in the past, the local team lost and enough was enough.



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    "yeah, it's costly but if we

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    "yeah, it's costly but if we prevent one child getting hurt every penny's worth it as far as I'm concerned."

    The problem with government summed up pretty well here.

    Yes, by all means

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    The government's real responsibility should be making sure children get hurt.

    Perhaps if people weren't so willing to sue

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    the government at the drop of a hat when they are injured by idiots who believe the way to celebrate a sports win is to go into a violent rage and tip over cars, assault bystanders, etc., then we wouldn't need such justifications for such policies.

    Unnecessary Measures

    Nobody is going to watch the game. Tom Brady is obviously a fascist, racist, homophobe, transphobe and Hitler. Obviously. He is literally making peoples brains melt because of his friendship with Donald Trump. The fans have given up on this team. All of us. Tom Brady OWES me an explanation and until he gives me one, I'll be out front with an asinine sign chanting something stupid.

    The only "children" I know of

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    The only "children" I know of who have been harmed after a sports championship are the girl killed by police on Lansdowne St and the guy killed by police after a Celtics win.

    We'd probably all be safer if the cops were sitting at home drinking beers.

    Yes, and Evans referenced her

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    Not by name, but anybody who was around then knew what he was talking about. And BPD took steps to make sure that sort of thing never happened again and, so far, it hasn't.

    When did he do that? All I

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    When did he do that? All I heard Evans reference was an incident where a car drove into a crowd in Boston.

    He mentioned the word 'death'

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    I suppose he could mean the kid after the Celtics game, but you may recall an investigation showed he had a rare heart condition and didn't blame police, whereas police did accept blame for Snelgrove's death.

    Pretty hard to blame getting

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    Pretty hard to blame getting shot in the eye on a preexisting condition.

    "Thin young women had a congenital case of of shot-in-the-eye-itis. So tragic, etc."


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    The congenital heart thing relates to the guy police sat on after a Celtics championship, not Virginia Snelgrove.

    Because, based on past experience ...

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    Lots and lots of experience given that we're Title Town, that's where BU students go to celebrate - along with people getting out of the bars on Boylston Street in the Fenway.


    i guess you dont member the first time they won it

    i member