UFO hunters get lost in Blue Hills Reservation; have to be rescued by State Police

WHDH reports "the group was stranded for hours in the dark Thursday night with no flashlight or cell phone service."



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    who pays for the helicopter?

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    and did these guys freak out when the helicopter came? I can see where they may have been confused and thought the state police were aliens.

    weed is legal now.

    Why did they bother?

    Adults, moderate temperatures, and a short night ... A few bug bites an a couple of hours of stargazing and they could hike out.

    Sounds like the lot of them could use some orienteering lessons from Autumn Veatch and Sailor Gutzler.

    Pretty cold

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    It was low 40s, damp, with clear skies. Unless yer dressed for that it'd be really unpleasant. Yes they would survive, and if they were the slightest bit clever huddle and sleep and be fine at sunrise but that was already contraindicated.

    Well, to be accurate, Blue

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    Well, to be accurate, Blue Hill is in Maine. Blue Hills is outside of Boston. That said, neither were that cold.


    If they kept moving, and didn't get wet, they'd probably be fine. If either of those conditions weren't met, 54-degree weather could easily result in hypothermia.

    In fact, more people die from hypothermia during the summer each year than during the winter.

    Contrary to popular belief, the air temperature does not have to be below freezing for hypothermia to occur.

    That said, I think the "UFO hunting" story is probably made up so they wouldn't have to admit they got lost coming back from their marijuana grow, or body dump, or whatever.

    A helicopter?

    A freaking helicopter?

    I'm surprised they didn't run away from it. Glad they didn't have cell phone service, though..."Walk toward the light"

    "...no flashlight or cell

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    "...no flashlight or cell phone service."

    Obviously not serious UFO hunters. How did they expect to contact the mother ship without a flashlight or cell phone?

    how ET phoned home

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    a speak and spell, along with box, record turntable, a skill saw blade, a coffee can, a coat hanger, electrical wires, bobby pins, string and a pop up umbrella, lined with aluminum foil, to be used as a radar dish

    No, no

    Sirius UFO hunters. Looking for our astrocanid overlords.

    Note it says cell phone

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    Note it says cell phone service which may imply they had a phone but it did not have reception.

    You can buy very reasonably priced AAA keychain flashlights that you can carry with you all the time. With a fresh battery every so often that'll carry you a long ways in an emergency.

    Where the hell in the Blue

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    Where the hell in the Blue Hills doesn't have cell phone service?

    I go hiking there all the time and have never not had LTE, which isn't surprising given that you're never more than 1-2 miles from 128.

    My guess

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    My guess is that they burned through their batteries using their phones as flashlights. It makes sense that they initially had cell service, otherwise how would the authorities know to be looking for them. Unless someone else expected them home and called...

    Joe Besser, not Curly

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    Curly and Shemp never did shorts involving UFOs


    Well, it was pretty dark.

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    That might of had something to do with it.

    And if you are not familiar with hiking in the hills and if you don't have a light and/or compass and/or map, and there is no one else to ask, you get lost.

    This is like the most basic hiking

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    The trails are super well-marked. They're super well-worn too. The markings are easy to see at night AND it's literally a full moon tonight.

    The good news is.... Ramona

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    The good news is.... Ramona reports they did spot a few UFO's. When asked by the reporter why the UFO's didn't assist in their navigation, Ramona had no answer.

    Two questions...

    1) The Moon was nearly fulll last night. Was there heavy cloud cover in Milton?

    2) Don't most cellphones have flashlights these days?


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    That was no moon, that was a space station...

    Having to get rescued from

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    Having to get rescued from "hiking" in the Blue Hills? Holy crap, I thought I've seen incompetent. What the hell were you doing there at night without a light or a map anyway? Was there a plan?

    It reminds me of the time the

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    It reminds me of the time the family had to get "rescued" from that corn maze when they called the cops. I think it was in Danvers.

    Speaking of UFOs tonight

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    Go get "lost" tonight in Blue Hills...or even your front step and see the ISS (ok, it's an IFO)!

    It will be going from NW to SE across the sky almost directly overhead (70 degrees above the horizon at its peak height).

    Go outside about 9:05 PM and it will be just above the horizon to the NW and very faint.
    It will take about 3 minutes to gain in intensity and be nearly directly overhead at 9:08 - 9:09 and moving at a decent clip towards the SE. It won't be twinkling and it'll be nearly as bright as Venus usually is in the night sky!
    It will disappear from view at about 9:11 just above the SE horizon.

    As a viewing tip, the moon (and Saturn!) will be SE in the sky, so the ISS will come from the exact opposite side of the sky from them and head right towards them. You can probably also spot Jupiter halfway across the sky due west of the Moon as well!


    20 Rescue calls

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    I almost called 911 immediately becsuse he said ISIS was coming. Then I realized he said ISS, and didn't call. Don't know what that is, but it's probably not terrorists and it's not going to stick a probe in me.

    (Ohhh- the space station...?!!!)

    There are

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    Unexplained phenomena in the world and even Massachusetts. The bridge water triangle is an interesting haunt. These people seem like nuckleheads, but don't knock the truth yo'.

    Helicopter was a good idea

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    The MSP helicopters have a thermal imager which detects body heat, so rather than scramble 50 troopers from across the state to search a huge area in the dark, it was better to send two from the air-wing, most likely from Plymouth Airport which is fairly close.

    These stories aren't unusual, especially in Northern New England. I recall far-left Boston WBUR broadcaster Ted O'Brien getting lost for days in the NH woods and the debate over whether he should be charged for the search.

    It depends

    If you're looking at it from a point far to the right of the John Birch Society, then BUR will appear to be "far left."


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    is the new code word for Puckle Park.


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    All you need to do is walk in any direction in the Blue Hills and you will eventually reach a road. Of course there is that sharp edge overhanging Rt 128, but I digress.

    As to UFO hunting, we all know the only place to hunt UFOs in this region is in Bridgewater, but then again... I digress.

    As to the new construction westerly of Groom... well... Google is your friend.

    In fairness, the UFO scanning

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    In fairness, the UFO scanning rays probably killed their phone and flashlight batteries. It always does in the pickup truck battery/starter in all those movies.

    "Pick a direction" or "keep in one spot for the night" would seem to be the most practical options.

    Really though, it points out government discrimination and outmoded thinking. Clearly, wasteful helicopters are enabled and there's a criminal lack of separated bike lanes & satnav-equipped hubway docks.