Warren to endorse Walsh in JP

And not just some random spot, but at Doyle's, the Herald reports.



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Makes sense

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Marty's organization was out in full force getting out the vote for Liz on election day. This was when he was a state rep, before he became mayor. As a registered Democrat, on election day I recieved several phone calls, and 3 different people came to my door (in Dorchester) to make sure I voted. I asked all three, and they were all from Marty's organization. I've never seen a gotv effort like I saw that day. If I were Liz, I would endorse Marty too.

Quid pro quo

Bill Clinton scheduled to join Marty today "to lead students in a day of volunteering across the city."*

I wonder if he will have anything to say about the mayor's race?

*as reported by WCVB

Politicians in bars....

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If a person doesn't normally visit pubs, then they usually look awkward campaigning in one.

I'll list Bill Clinton as someone who was an exception. I bet Maura Healey could pull it off too. Baker, Romney, Warren, Clinton; not so much.

We're going to DOYLES!

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Doyle's has a rich political history in Boston, everyone campaigns there. If you've never been it's worth checking out, the Sam is overpriced as hell though.

Sam and Doyles

A recent "Chronicle" segment on JP reminded me that there is convenient free trolley transportation between the Sam Adams Brewery (where you can enjoy free tasting at the end of the tour) and Doyles.

Warren obviously doing

Joyce Linehan a BIG favor. This will hurt Warren with progressives who think she s squeaky clean. Or maybe not.Either way, a bad move.

I'm already less than

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I'm already less than thrilled about her confirmation of Ben Carson. This action requires explanation as well.

Will it convince me to withhold my vote? At the moment, probably not, but she is running out of freebies. If she wants to be yet another establishment creature who takes my (D) vote for granted, she's going to lose me forever.

I do not vote for politicians who openly disdain my vote. Walsh ("ten people on Twitter") is the worst since I left Texas. His buddies can do without me, as they have made abundantly clear.

This should help Walsh with the Native American vote!

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This should help Walsh with the Native American vote! Are there any left on the Harbor Islands? Otherwise, who in Boston is influenced by Elizabeth Warren's endorsement? Seriously.

She was raised in Oklahoma "Okie to my toes" then moved around flipping houses and writing recipes for Pow Wow Chow (try the crab cakes!), finally landing in a Cambridge mansion. Did anyone around here know her before she came out of the woodwork to challenge RINO Scott Brown a few years ago?

Since Walsh is a guaranteed "winner" this seems more like Warren, with her low poll ratings, attempting to secure Walsh's future support since she knows hardly anybody in Boston. I will say Doyle's is an improvement over "the cheese shop." Tito should cry foul, he would own the news cycle all week!

Came here to see if the slowest poster on uHub

had yet again trotted out out the tritest cliche for firing up the dim and easily distracted in MA politics, was not disappointed.

True, there's at least one other animate cabbage who still loves the Fauxchahontas trope: alas, he's been banished to New Zealand. (Howie Carr doesn't count: he's actually making decent money repeating the same five stale bits of privileged-old-white-guy grievance bigotry over and over again, a sweet racket for a newspaper writer who ran out of new ideas 20 years ago.)

It's ok if the pussy grabber

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It's ok if the pussy grabber makes money from his daddy's real estate company. But if a democrat makes money on real estate? Evil!
You can't go a sentence without looking like a crazy hypocrite.

By the way her approval ratings are 20 points higher than Trust Fund Trump.

FISH still stinks of ignorance and bigotry

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Did anyone around here know her before she came out of the woodwork to challenge RINO Scott Brown a few years ago?

Why yes, in fact. People who were concerned about consumer protection knew all about her. Ignorant bigots like you, not so much. You love to rant and rave about all the bad things the government is doing ("bad", in your view, being redundant), but let someone in government do something that really helps the common people, and that's when you really blow a gasket. You are the proverbial dog in the manger, the idiot who would cut off his nose and everyone else's to spite his face. Your mind is a cesspit of misdirected grievance and stupidity.


Diehl avoids questions abut Holly Robichaud's nefarious activities ( it was for the vets!) the way he avoids POC in both his campaign literature and appearances. Then again, I don't think he's going too get far with the endorsements of racist losers like Howie Carr and Curt Schilling.