West Roxbury restaurant is kaput

The Spring Street Cafe on, well, Spring Street, is no more, Boston Restaurant Talk reports. The cafe sold its Boston beer-and-wine license last month.



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OMG, a rabbit themed restaurant?

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I mean, that's what Hopster's, the receiver of said liquor license is getting has to be right? Or at least a beer snob AND bunny restaurant...

Didn't you hear?

Pogo sticks are the latest thing. All the cool kids are using them. If Boston is ever to be a world class city, it needs a pogo bar.


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Yep, wrong link. Fixed. Sorry about that.

Wing It

I think Wing It spent some time at that Spring St address when Buck Mulligans replaced (McCoys?). The internets say Wing Kings and Wing It are the same owners.

IMAGE( https://image.ibb.co/gkxVmF/DSCN4973.jpg )

At any rate, I occasionally worked at the Spring st restaurant in the 80s when it was Nicky Ds.


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If memory serves, it was a one point Charles River Sports (or was that elsewhere?)

Maybe next door?

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I think that may have been in what is now a shuttered nail salon, to the left of this, but I could be wrong.

Seemed like kind of a random

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Seemed like kind of a random place for a restauarant - on a busy enough intersection in that awkward parking lot so it didn't feel very neighborhoody / walkable, but who is driving around there looking for a bite? VA people and the rural mainers coming to the hospital for care are terrified of leaving the campus lest thet get mugged in big bad boston....

And yet ...

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It survived for quite a long time. No, not really walkable, but it was a rarity in West Roxbury for a long time - it wasn't pizza, take-out Chinese or Irish-American - and in West Roxbury, everybody drives, anyway.

I think it was a waiting room

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I think it was a waiting room for the T bus at one time , the Charles river bus used to turn around behind it,. then it was a ham and egger.

And trolleys

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You can still see the remnants of tracks in what's now the parking lot (where the trolleys would turn around) and a concrete pad where people would board.

One of the cafe's problems was visibility from the street - thanks to the supports for the billboard that the T still owns basically right in front of it on the VFW Parkway side.

Grandpa Simpson

I guess I am getting old and starting to tell pointless stories that never really go anywhere. It is better than Trump trolling, I am sure ;)

That waiting room for the Charles River #36 was where the West Roxbury kids would wait for the bus after Moseley's dances. Occasionally some Dedham kids would show up to fight (Of course you could tell the Dedham kids by their workboots they always wore.. even to dances) but the biggest attendance fight I ever saw there was between a Rossie kid (RIP) and Westie kid. The Dean of Discipline for Don Bosco showed up for some reason and broke it up before the first punch was thrown. Boo. I had my money on the Westie kid.

It was decent enough

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I ate there a few times, at dinner time. Italian food for the most part. Decent portions at a decent price.

I guess if I went there more often they'd still be in business, but I've never set foot in Delfinos and they're going alright.


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I'm sure you've heard this already, but you should go to Delino's. It's great.

I always remember Spring St because at one point someone wanted to open a nail salon next door and the WR Nimby association quashed that as being not the right way to welcome people into West Roxbury or something. Like the was the gates to the city down there.

Everyone knows

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...the proper way to welcome people into the neighborhood is with a giant, neon masturbating waving chicken.

But instead we have....

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A combination liquor store, head shop, sex store and religious wedding planner.

(Agreed that Delfino is always excellent and a wonderful staple of the square.)

Famous Murder

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Every time that I drive past the old ice machine, someone always points out that it was the scene of one Boston's most infamous organized crime murders. This is the type of stuff my grandmother would point out when I was 6 years old.