She loves her trolley ride

Katie Gibson is a big fan of the Mattapan Line:

The morning operators, though sometimes harried, are kind, and it’s a short ride to Ashmont, where I board the train. And if I’m lucky, I get a glimpse of this view across the marshes.



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The Mattapan Line

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Is worth fighting for! My only complaint is that I miss the kind police officers who let us use the restrooms and the lobby at Mattapan station while we were waiting for the trolley during bad weather.


Long Live the Mattapan High-Speed Line

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The Mattapan line is one of those small historical quirks that make Boston a unique and delightful place to live. But the trolley also useful and dependable. Long may it reliably shuttle passengers along its pleasant route.



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It’s nice to walk along too.

Way Cool

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I would like to take this opportunity for sharing your beautiful vision. I love that trolley ride it kind of remind me of times when life was a lot simpler or when I was in Middle School and fell in the marsh during the experiments with school.

That's why it's so important to share each other's experiences because you never know how it might stimulate a positive experience within someone else thank you for sharing.

I have never

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...been on the Mattapan line, but now I want to. I should wait for warm weather, yes?