Three women sexually assaulted in East Boston

Boston Police report women were attacked in East Boston last night and this morning.

Police say the first attack, around 11:45 p.m. happened at Princeton and Putnam streets. The suspect is a black Hispanic or Mediterranean man, about 5'6" with a stocky build. He wor jeans and a light gray sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up. He ran down Putnam, then may have gotten into a gray van or SUV headed toward Bennington Street.

Around 6:15 a.m., a man chatted up a woman at Lexington and Putnam streets before jumping the woman. He's described as black or black Hispanic, about 30, 5'7" with a medium build. He wore a black, turned up hoodie and black pants.

Not long after, another woman described a similar attack at Brooks and Paris streets. The woman fought off her attacker, who then ran on Brooks toward Day Square, police say. He's described as black, not Hispanic, about 25 and 5'9" with a medium build and brown eyes. He word a black hoodie and a black baseball cap.

Boston, MBTA and Massport police plan extra patrols in the areas tonight.



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    3 women sexually assaulted?!?

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    Didn't here about this on the news... This is serious news! Some Children are walk alone or wait for school buses during the early morning... I'm very concerned! Update more and any new info PLEASE!!! Should we be watching out for 1,2 or 3 men?


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    I just renewed my lease in this area, this is a bit unnerving. Eastie has such a bad rep throughout the area, but my first year in the neighborhood has been great. It's pretty disappointing to see things like this happening now...


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    I live right in the area s well, and of course I'm smart about walking around alone late at night, but now you're telling me 6:30 IN THE MORNING is an unsafe time for people to be walking around? Come on, this has got to stop. Brooks and Paris is directly on the route to the Airport T station, and there's an elementary school on the same block!

    Thanks once again Universal Hub, but hey mainstream TV news and media: GET SOME GODDAMN COVERAGE ON THESE CRIMES AND INFORM THE PUBLIC

    Crime in East Boston has been

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    Crime in East Boston has been systematically ignored by the media in the GBA, which favors suburban feel-good stories of lemonade stands for charity and stolen lawn flamingos. The only Boston crime on TV are BU students raping people or getting mugged, or the large shootings in Rox/Dot.

    My family grew up in Eastie, I lived in Jeffries Point for a year (just recently moved to Beachmont), and I absolutely love EB. Lets save this part of the city, get people to recognize this, and not just ignore it as another groping or mugging.

    Crime in Eastie

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    Ditto to the posts here about the local media ignoring this. And you know that when they finally do pay attention to it, it'll be in the form of a 60pt font headline of "DOES A SERIAL RAPIST WALK THE STREETS OF EASTIE??" This does explain the number of cruisers I've seen parked around the n'hood at street corners. I figured they were just trying to catch people rolling through stop signs.

    We've also had a few fires these days. What the fuck is up?


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    Not crime ridden enough to make it exciting to the "news" media, and not full enough of new Bostonians either. You know, were it the North End, and 90% ex-suburban new comers (and I have absolutely nothing against them, by the way - they don't commit these kinds of crimes!) but, if there was enough "new money" in Eastie, there would be more reporting of the issues. Inversely, if it were crime addled and reeling, it would make for more exciting news too.