Three rob East Boston store at knifepoint; one arrested

East Boston suspectBoston Police report East Boston Variety, 3 Gladstone St., was held up around 6:45 this morning by a pack of knife-wielding robbers - one of whom gave the clerk a dollar, then pulled out a knife and yelled "Gimme the money!"

A second suspect was described as black male in his late teens early twenties, wearing a black hoodie with red lettering "Lazy But Talented" with the hood pulled up, black hat with 3 stickers visible on the brim, black pants, and black and white sneakers.

The man captured on surveillance photos, in his late teens or early 20s, wore black and white Adidas sneakers, in addition to the de rigueur hoodie.

Police say they managed to nab one of the three - Aden Ahmed, 20, of Roxbury - and arrested him on a charge of armed robbery. If you see the other two, contact A-7 detectives at 617-343-4234 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

Innocent, etc.



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Nit pick

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I believe it is "de rigueur"


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Guy is this? The one they caught, or one of the ones they didn't?

At large

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The guy in the photo is one of the two who didn't get caught.

This artical is actually all

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This artical is actually all wrong. I live directly a cross the street from the store and I'm good friends with the owner and watched it all on video. 2 young men were involved not 3 and it was at night. Not in the am. He came inside well the other waited outside. He asked for change and when the drawer opened he pulled the BUTTER knife out and grabbed 2 $10 from the drawer and ran like a wimp. They also don't you that these 2 same idiots tried to rob the store the night before but we unsuccessful