Greatest fight leaves one bar worker with multiple stab wounds, another smashed in the head with a bottle

Boston Police report workers at the Greatest Bar, 262 Friend St., trying to break up a brawl on the third floor around 1:15 a.m. found themselves under attack.

One was stabbed repeatedly by a man who jumped him from behind, police say.

The victim stated to officers he was attempting to break up a fight when the suspect jumped on his back and began to stab him.

Officers spoke with another employee who stated he ran upstairs to assist his co-workers with the fight when he was met by several black males running down the stairs. When the employee attempted to stop the males from leaving one of the male's brandished a knife telling him not to move and made threats to stab the victim.

Officer also spoke with an additional victim at the hospital who stated he was hit over the head with a bottle during the fight.

Stanley Staco reports there was another stabbing at closing time at another bar at State and Kilby streets.



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There is nothing

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Great about that bar.

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Humor + Violence

Hey Adam, I'm probably being too touchy about it, but I barely survived a beating from a group of assholes on new years eve. Clever title, but pointless violence doesn't really mix well with lighthearted humor.

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Great title Adam

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Thanks for the laugh Adam.

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Proud of yourself?

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I'll call you out if no one else will...that was kinda of a douchy comment to leave.

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I'd say there are more fights because of all the bars getting out at the same time and angry aimless drunkards all waiting around in the street trying to figure out how to get home / whose ass to kick while waiting for a cab.

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