Man shot to death outside Ashmont convenience store

Updated Monday a.m.

A man in his 20s was shot repeatedly outside the Tedischi shop at 1886 Dorchester Ave., around 9:50 p.m. Boston Police report he was pronounced dead at the scene.

He is Boston's sixth murder victim this month.



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No, he's saying that people

No, he's saying that people usually say only Washington St, Blue Hill Ave, Norfolk st. etc. are dangerous while Savin Hill. Ashmont, etc. are nice and totally safe. In reality most of Dorchester is a gray area in terms of safety but I think most of Ashmont is still pretty safe. Sometimes people get shot in the South End or downtown or in Allston or something but that doesn't mean they're unsafe neighborhoods


Ashmont... Pretty safe

I agree, Ashmont is "pretty" safe, it is also an area where there are many people from different neighborhoods. Given the amount of shootings and homicides that have occurred since the beginning of the year, I wouldn't be surprised if this incident was related to one of the previous incidents.
I don't think there is a public safety issue.
Washington and Norfolk are very close to Ashmont. So it is plausible that individuals from those streets could be in the Ashmont area.
If I was going to classify a neighborhood / area or Dot as "nice and totally safe", it probably wouldn't be Ashmont.


shooting @ store

I just read all the comments about this and I dont care what anyone says if you have people getting murderd in a store parking lot its not a safe place bottom line and tedeschis has nothing to do with it! And it is gangbangers little young punks with no regard to life that was someones son maybe someones brother very sad!!!!


the neighborhood around peabody square is safe during daylight hours but when the lights go down the gangbangers take over


The reason that there's

The reason that there's always a big response when bad things happen in Dorchester is because it's the area of Boston going through the most rapid gentrification. So you've got "new" people who've chosen to live there because of what it's becoming, people who've lived there through some of the bad times and continue to choose to call it home as well as people who lived there in the past but opted to leave.

If U Hub had been around in the mid-2000s you would have seen the same things posted in regards to Southie & Roslindale. Ditto for the South End & JP around the millenium.


You Mad Bro?

I want to write an article in response to some of these cyberbullies defamating the image of Peabody Sq and it's residents, but I still got HW to do so I'll be blunt.

I've been living here -less than 200 ft from the crime scene- since June and I haven't been made to feel uncomfortable or "unsafe" w/ my surroundings. The comment about "gangbanger's coming out at night" was pretty comical, but that statement is misleading from my experience living in Peabody Sq. I mean, just this morning (around 3 am) I made another one of my infamous "munchie runs" to that Tedeschi to grab some Coconut Crunch Donuts and I noticed some shady looking cats loitering about, but that wasn't cause enough for me to label them a danger to my personal saftey.

Before moving here I heard so many negative things about my brothers (Brown, Yellow, Red, and some shades of Jet/Sexy Black) and sisters that I started to discredit the ppl before experiencing them 1st-hand. I found all that jive not to be true after being apart of this community for about 6 months now. There are some creepers around, but the overall energy in Peabody Sq is exciting and positive. Seeing young professionals of color is a positive imagine and reality here. Seeing foul mouth teens without fear in their hearts and limitations on their minds is a positive imagine and reality here. And lastly, seeing A FEW of those PEOPLE (not bums or thugs) sleeping, fighting, and drinking in Peabody Sq is a positive imagine and reality here too. Positive because it puts a great opportunity to birth the future right in front of us. A lot of the constituents here are building families and avenues from themselves.

I wanted to speak up and offer another perspective. I hope y'all take it into consideration right along w/ the shade some of these cyberwarriors are selling you about this part of town. This is coming from a male student of African origins and Haitian traditions.

All Praise Richard Sherman. Swag.



Doesn't look so bright - unless there's a drastic improvement some time in the near future, it's only a matter of time before the "young professionals" are driven away by "foul mouth teens without fear in their hearts and limitations on their minds" and people "sleeping, fighting, and drinking in Peabody Sq."



Where have you been? Honestly, you sound a little clueless. Peabody Square is better-looking, safer and tidier than it's ever been and it definitely feels as if it's on an upward trajectory, not the other way around.


Peabody Scare

Ya, all of those thugs leaving Tavolo and the Ashmont Grill are really intimidating and the Flat Black gang.... scaaryy! Peabody Square is quite a diverse area. There is 1 guy who is consistently outside of Tedeschi's, he doesn't bother anyone. I thought he was a panhandler before, but have never heard him ask for money. I am in Peabody Square after dark frequently, and have been for years, thankfully I have managed to evade these "gangbangers". Bottom line, wherever you go, be aware of your surroundings and be cautious, crimes can happen anywhere.


Here's the deal with Ashmont Grill

When I hear about shootings at a store that's probably within throwing distance of where I park my car to go to a restaurant, I'll probably look for other places to enjoy a glass of wine and duck confit.

Flat Back Coffee? I'll drive a mile down the road to get it at Lower Mills.

My mom grew up on Ashmont Street and it goes from sketchy to not so sketchy to attempted gentrification and then back to sketchy. I can't tell you the number of times my grandmother was mugged when she was alive (granted she died in the 90s). Even so, I wouldn't live there and I'm a HUGE fan of Dorchester overall.

One of your reasons to avoid

One of your reasons to avoid the Ashmont area is that your grandmother was mugged there over 25 years ago? And another is because Ashmont Street goes from "sketchy to attempted gentrification"? You must also avoid JP, South Boston and the South End like the plague because there was plenty of crime in those areas in the 1990s as well and there are still "sketchy and attempted gentrification" areas there as well: Shawmut Avenue, Washington St., Centre Street….

No where is safe

No where is "safe." U never know when and where violence will occur. I know plenty of people killed in the suburbs only you don't hear much about these incidents. Its pretty sad. I live in the city, obviously there is more gun/ violence but the so called "good" neighborhoods are infested with drugs, OD's, robberies, where is safe if you think about. Our crazy world.


Never Mind That

What do you get up on that makes you think "you never hear about" people getting killed in the suburbs? The Boston media go bananas for suburban crime. You'll get 10-20 times more coverage for a murder in Lincoln/Sudbury than Bowdoin/Geneva.


My exact point. I know of

My exact point. I know of about 6 "murders", people I knew personally, in the suburbs that never got air time. Trust me what I am saying is no where is safe there is just cover ups to make it seem so. The media shows what they have to when there is reason behind it.

u think so...

I lived in the suburbs, there's so much you don't hear about at all! I know a plenty murdered, died by overdose, killed by they homies on accident, home invasions, need I go on that where NEVER on the news. So a these so called "safe places" are fantasy, there's no such thing. Not in my eyes I have been I witness and victim of violence so I know a lot of what goes on that is unspoken for, major stuff.

In the time that I lived

In the time that I lived there, I remember 4 people shot, one person intentionally run down with a vehicle, a crazy lady wielding a knife in the street, and a serial rapist who stalked women for months. Its a relatively safe place, but these things can, and do, happen all over.


Sorry Ashmont and especially

Sorry Ashmont and especially that Tedeshis is not safe. I have two violent encounters there with random people. It's not gang bangers who are doing it. That area around Ashmont has NEVER been safe. I live not too far and I'm glad that I drive past. Every time I go into Tedeshis there is a problem there.

Doesn't that say more about

Doesn't that say more about Tedeschi's than anything else? And really? Two violent encounters? Sounds like you're doing something to provoke people. I've been in there multiple times out of necessity and while I can't say that I love all the people I see in there, I've never had a problem.

Like several other people stated, Peabody Square that is generally safe. There's a reason why Deval Patrick is at either the Ashmont Grill and Tavolo on an almost weekly basis: they're lovely, safe and delicious places to eat. If they weren't safe, he wouldn't be option to have dinner there. Actually, if it weren't safe his security detail probably wouldn't "OK" him eating there with such frequency. The reality is that Tedeschi's stands out like a sore thumb there and residents have been trying to get rid of it for years.

But given your rather uneducated response (how can you get a real "feel" for a neighborhood when you're in a vehicle?? Oh right, you can't.) I'm pretty sure most of us are happy you drive through too!


ashmont grill and tavolo/Johnny's sub

The Ashmont Grill and Tavolo are fine dining establishments. The crew who hang in front of Johnny's Sub are gangstas who brawl every day at school dismissal and beat a gay kid at the station not too long ago and had a shootout according to BPD officers


Hate to tell you this but

Hate to tell you this but Deval Patrick doesn't bring his security detail to dinner with him, just his friends and family. And if the governor feels comfortable going to those restaurants alone I (personally) think the average person is pretty safe too.

As for the sub shop...I agree that the groups of loud kids from 230-330 are annoying.


But Deval's not alone ...

He's with a group, going into a populated restaurant. And easily recognizable. The fact that he eats tin these establishments has no relevance to the safety of walking alone in that area at night.

It's sketchy.

Oh really? Have you seen him

Oh really? Have you seen him there? I did about 3 weeks ago. He came in by himself and had a glass of wine at the bar. And he managed to do it without getting mugged or shot.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (and the fact that I'm writing this says a lot about today's culture) but I can pretty much assure you that anyone interested in either "gang banging" or mugging Deval Patrick has NO idea who he is. The fact that he's not dodging bullets in Peabody Square has nothing to do with the fact that he's a politician. It has more to do with the fact that he's not a drug dealer going to a sketchy Tedeschi's to get food to fight off his munchies.

Talk to me when Deval walks home from the train

Alone, past Tedeschis and down Dot Ave, around 11-12 at night.

Listen, I love Dot too. I'm OFD, moved out of state and am DBC.

And commenters saying you're pretty safe if you're not a slanger or 'banger are right.

But you're a straight up fool if you walk alone in that area at night w/o being on guard and ready for trouble.

Sorry to say but punks and thugs are opportunists too. they might have been looking to jack a rival, but if they see a target they'll prey.

Also, pretty narrow-minded and a lil insulting to say these guys don't know who Deval is. They're not bubble boys.