Woman choked, robbed at gunpoint in Roxbury

Around 3:20 p.m. at 58 Annunciation Rd. The gunman was described as a black Hispanic male who displayed a silver and gold gun and who wore his shirt wrapped around his face, dark jeans and possibly sandals. He was accompanied by a black female, 18 or 19 in a white shirt and dark shorts.



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I happen to work in a said

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I happen to work in a said civil service industry around there. The crime rate is burgeoning this summer. Very depressing

Was there a witness? She

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Was there a witness? She definitely was target I'm pretty sure there were people sitting outside. Someone definitely saw something.

It just cracks me up this

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It just cracks me up this place is right behind BPD headquarters. I lived a few blocks away on St Alphonsus about 8 years ago and while it was bad then there wasn't as much in the news about it as there has been this year. I had a friend lived up in there I'd hang with from time to time and I was always amazed - piss filled hallways, walking up the stairs past the junkie shooting up, rounding the corner to see some john getting a BJ and other wonders. I just can't believe the housing authority combined with (again) the BDP HEADQUARTERS can't do anything to straighten that place out at least a little bit.