Group of teens sought for robbing food delivery person, attacking man in the Fenway

A pizza-delivery guy was robbed of his keys and the pizza he was carrying at Edgerly Road and Westland Avenue around 10:45 p.m. by a group of eight to ten black teenagers. About 15 minutes earlier, another man was attacked, possibly by the same group, nearby on Huntington Avenue.



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Thanks for posting stuff like this, Adam.

I notice that these entries often don't get a lot of comments, but I really appreciate this local crime news. I'm not sure what your source is, but UHub is pretty much my one and only source for news like this. Please keep it coming!


Exactly the vicinity and timeframe I tend to be out and about during the week. Thanks for posting.

Same here.

I work nearby, which is why this was of particular interest. I can't imagine a larcenous group of eight to ten black teenagers could meander from Huntington to Westland without being noticed, but I hope the local precinct dials up their presence in the neighborhood. And hope they catch the bastards.

Robbing a pizza delivery person

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What kind of lowlife does that.

If you really have to rob someone, go rob some person who got rich by screwing over others, not some person who is getting out there and working in a low-end but honest job.


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Call me crazy but how about don't rob anyone?? I don't really have a lot of confidence in the Robin Hood motives and abilities of a bunch of teenagers. Doing stupid shit like this isn't good for anyone and incidentally makes life a lot harder for black teenagers who aren't robbing people.

You're not crazy at all, Sally.

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Doing stupid shit like this isn't good for anyone and incidentally makes life a lot harder for black teenagers who aren't robbing people.

is absolutely spot-on, Sally. Even though the people who do stuff like this are not in the majority, regardless of ethnicity or color, they still make life much, much harder for the good, decent teenagers and adults, too, who don't do stuff like this. Unfortunately, all it takes is a minority of people to make life harder for the others, if one gets the drift. It's quite sad, indeed.

This seems to happen

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This seems to happen in spurts every so often in that area. I recall a while back there were a couple of similar incidents by a roaming band of teens reported here.

Oh, boy! I remember all that!

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I went to school on the Fenway back in the mid to late 1970's, and there wasn't a single day when I didn't read or hear about some sort of grisly incident in the area.

Two or three women students, including a friend of mine, were raped, the dean of the school got mugged, and another young woman who was walking in the Fenway, during broad daylight, was robbed of her purse and beat up.

One of my teachers, who then lived on Boston's Peterborough Street across the park from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston, which I was attending at the time, got mugged on his way home one night. The guys who did it knocked the teacher senseless, took his wallet and watch, and left him lying there. Sad.

What was interesting was that when the Dean of the School got mugged (whoever mugged him had hidden behind the bushes that were then surrounding the school.), all those bushes were cut down a day or so afterwards.

There was a short-order Chinese restaurant right around the corner from the Museum of Fine Arts School, called the Gold Corner, where students often went for dinner after school hours. It was a cool place, but that place frequently got robbed at gunpoint, so I have a feeling that's the reason that the Gold Corner went out of business. Sad, indeed.

I, too used to stay after school to work in the studio often. One evening (not that late), I had taken a break from working and was meditating (I was into TM (Transcendental Meditation back then.) in a small room up on the second floor. A guy that I'd never seen before snuck up behind me, put his hand over my mouth, and warned, rather nastily "Don't say a word! Do you understand?" I screamed "What the hell are you doing?" in response. The guy bolted immediately. I think I saved my own limb and life by screaming.

Another woman was in a sort of a darkened hallway of the school, when some guy grabbed her around the waste. In both instances, since the weather was warm, the back door of the school, in the basement, had been left open, making it possible for unauthorized people to gain entry into the school.

The Fenway back then, was quite dangerous, especially at night, which was really too bad, since it's one of the prettiest areas in all of Boston.

Anyway, I finished my four years at Museum of Fine Arts School here in Boston, which is my alma mater, to this day.

Prior to going to the Museum of Fine Arts School here in Boston, I'd also gone to Northeastern University for a year, from the fall of 1970-the spring of 1971. That whole area was dangerous back then, too. Several people that I knew from my dormitory were mugged. One person had his glasses broken, a young woman I was friendly with was mugged, had her purse stolen, with the keys to the dorm entrance and to her room was stolen (Both the lock to the front entrance to the dorm and the lock to her room had to be changed as a result), and she was in the infirmary with a concussion for a couple of weeks.

Another grisly incident happened, when another young woman who resided in our dorm who was sitting in the lobby of our dorm very late at night, let in a guy who she'd never seen before in her life. He went on a rampage on the first floor (I'd moved upstairs to the 2nd floor long before then.), by breaking a sink, and doing a whole bunch of other damage.

We were warned not to walk alone anywhere, and that two or three very short women weren't sufficient. One woman was raped and mauled in Northeastern's El Center...during the day, yet! Those were crazy times overall.