Person stabbed, slashed in the face at Tremont and Park downtown

UPDATE: Three arrested.

Right in front of the Dunkin' Donuts, around 4:40 p.m., according to Boston EMS Incidents and Craig Caplan.



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Tourists? How about the people

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who elected him and other citizens of the city?

And Scott, most of the homeless, druggies, alcoholics, and mentally ill who end up on the streets and in the shelters of Boston ARE NOT FROM BOSTON. So, in a manner of speaking, they're tourists who have overstayed their welcome.

Citation needed

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I won't dispute your unspoken assertion that some suburban towns encourage their problem residents to go into Boston, but I'd like some proof that most of the people treated locally are not themselves local, given that we're roughly six times the size of the largest neighboring community.

Probably so ...

I think that's probably accurate. Before they get treatment, while getting treatment, after getting treatment, plenty of "visitors", from in-state and out-. We do have great healthcare and social services.

Does it really matter where they're from?

I kinda see your point, but my point was that this area is one of the prime tourist areas in the whole city, and it's just disgusting how it's been neglected. The Freedom Trail starts there, for heaven's sake. You're right, residents like us shouldn't have to deal with it either, but tourism is a huge industry in Boston and the way both this area and Copley Square have been abandoned is unbelievable. And yes, I blame the mayor.

Something needs to be done!

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Leaving the planet fitness gym on winter st is always a nightmare, having to walk past this area and seeing this same group of people standing around burger king, dunkin donuts, and the 7eleven, makes it difficult to maneuver around them out of fear of getting robbed.. I predicted something would happen soon.


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pls stop behaving like a snowflake. 99% of 'scary' homeless guys will not do anything to you except maybe ask for $. It's the young drug dealers, pimps and their girls that I'd worry about.