Cops pinch alleged Green Line groper

A man with a record that includes stalking and witness intimidation was charged with groping a woman on a Green Line trolley Tuesday evening - and then trying to chat her up later when he spotted her as he drove away.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports Douglas Ewald, 51, had bail set at $3,000 for the alleged incidents during the Tuesday afternoon rush hour.

According to prosecutors, Ewald groped a woman between Park Street and Kenmore even after she deflected his first attempted groping, told him to keep his hands to himself and them moved to another part of the trolley car. Then, the DA's office says:

After disembarking, the woman spotted the assailant while leaving the platform area, where he allegedly said, "I'm sorry." A short time later, as she walked along Commonwealth Avenue, she saw him again behind the wheel of a dark blue sport-utility vehicle.

"Aren't you going to say hi to me?" He allegedly asked as he slowed down next to her.

Based on her description - and his license-plate number - police tracked Ewald down and arrested him yesterday, the DA's office says.

In addition to bail, a judge ordered him to stay away from the T and wear a GPS monitoring device until his case is resolved.

Innocent, etc.



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i've seen this guy before...

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i've seen this guy before... first he was on the Redline to cambridge at around 830 i saw him talking to some girls and really creepily asking them weird questions. Then later I was riding the B train from Kenmore to Park and he was talking to some other girls asking if they needed to be walked home, they said "no" and got off the train quickly at Boylston, then just befroe the doors were going to close he ran out the door after them, not sure what happened after that

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the green line groper. The

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the green line groper. The green line groper. This is the story of the green line groper.

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I'm Douglas Ewald

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My name is also Douglas Ewald and I want to say that this other Douglas Ewald (i.e. Myself) is not a serial gropist and I would like to speak out against serial groping.

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