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By - 6/27/08 - 7:47 am

Boston Police report that a Seminole, Fla. man, enraged on having his open door hit by another driver's bumper on Hyde Park Avenue, resorted to fists of fury to try to resolve the situation:

The victim states he attempted to drive around the suspect's car, but, in attempting to do so, his front bumper struck the suspect's open car door. At this point, the victim tells police that the suspect punched his front window and, then, his passenger side rear window. The latter strike caused the window to shatter. When asked about punching the victim's windows, the suspect stated, "I punched his front window and it didn't break. So, I punched the back window."

Officers then treated the man to some northern hospitality at Area E-18.

Meanwhile, as if the Herald doesn't have enough problems already, police report an alleged Dotdrunk rear-ended one of its delivery trucks at Blue Hill Avenue and Fairway Street.

By - 6/24/08 - 4:09 pm

Boston Police could use some help in catching gunmen who held up convenience stores in Hyde Park and JP last week.

On June 18, around 2:20 p.m., police responded to a panic alarm at the River Street Mini-Mart, 991 River St., where employees were robbed at gunpoint by four black men wearing black shirts and black face masks - and carrying silver-colored handguns. One employee was ordered to lie on the floor while the other was ordered to open the cash register.

They got away with about $3,460 in cash, lottery tickets and cigarettes.

The next day, around 9 p.m., the J.P. Convenience Store, 162 South St. in JP, was held up by three black men, also in black masks and brandishing a silver-colored handgun and who also ordered the clerk to the floor. The thieves made off with about $2,000 in cash.

Based on the store's video system, one suspect is about 6' tall and about 165 lbs., another was 5'9", about 165 lbs. while the third was 5'9" and weighing in at 180 lbs.

Have info? Call the CrimeStoppers tip line at 1-800-494-TIPS (8477) or text the word 'TIP' to CRIME (27463). Be as anonymous as you want to be.

By - 6/13/08 - 10:04 pm

Faimount Hill residents call for action after shots were fired on Neponset Avenue when some low riders were denied entrance to a party. Police recovered seven shell casings; a young boy found another.

By - 6/11/08 - 11:59 am

Boston Police report a Worcester man ordered some scallops and a chicken lobster at the deli department at the Hyde Park Avenue Shaw's yesterday, then put them in his shorts. Unfortunately for him, police say, store employees noticed his newly enlarged package as he tried to walk out of the store without paying and detained him until police arrived to put the pinch on him.

No word if the store put the seafood back or if police held it for evidence.

Innocent until proven bulgy by way of a chicken lobster.

By - 4/25/08 - 12:47 pm

A mall developer wants to turn the old Bay State Paper mill on River Street into a mall with room for at least three "big box" retailers, the Hyde Park Bulletin reports. But first they have to come up with a name, since 892 River St. isn't all that exciting.

By - 4/24/08 - 8:39 am

Cleary Squared lives down the street from the apartment complex where that elderly woman was attacked in her bedroom early yesterday:

... The Hyde Park I know isn't a place where "stop snitching" is pretty much useless; in fact, it's a sport that many people glean information about their neighbors, other families, and other strangers. Even if it's a rumor or a half-truth, it will reach all corners within at least an hour.

Furthermore, the more brazen the crook thinks they are, the more quickly they will trip up and be caught. ...

By - 4/23/08 - 5:09 pm

This morning's attempted rape of an 88-year-old woman in her Hyde Park bedroom was the second attack on an elderly person in the neighborhood in four days, Boston Police report.

On Sunday, an 86-year-old man was attacked as he walked on Braeburn Road - only a few blocks from this morning's attack, police say:

The victim stated that as he was walking home from Cleary Square, where he noticed the suspect was following him. The suspect approached the victim and struck him with a blunt object. The suspect then reached into the victim's pocket and stole a small amount of cash. The suspect is described as a black male in his late 20's and was last seen wearing a 3/4-length black leather jacket and green pants. Police are investigating the possibility of a connection between these two incidents.

Police say anybody who may have seen or heard something can contact District E-18 detectives at (617) 343-5607 or Sexual Assault detectives at (617) 343-4400 (anonymous tips to 1-800-494-TIPS or via text 'TIP' to 27463).

Elderly attacked in Brighton, too.

By - 4/23/08 - 12:43 pm

Boston Police report the woman, 88, was attacked in her bedroom at the Joseph Malone Apartments on Gordon Avenue around 4 a.m. and that her assailant attempted to rape her. Police say they are looking for a black man, slight build, about 5'7" and wearing all black with a black stocking cap.

By - 4/19/08 - 6:24 pm

Four-alarm brush fire in Stony Brook Reservation (that might explain why it smelled like wood smoke when we drove through the reservation and Dedham Center around 2).

Why it went to four alarms.

By - 4/15/08 - 2:28 pm

You might try saving up that aggression for criminals in your own town instead of spewing it all in one loud blaring horn attack on some poor woman who just wasn't parking fast enough for your taste.

By - 4/10/08 - 2:00 pm

Tammy reports that construction workers this week have been swarming all over that building at River Street and Fairmount Avenue that had a four-alarm fire in January. And today, city inspector types paid a call; could the building soon be ready for the return of the stores, restaurants and residents forced out by the fire?

By - 3/26/08 - 5:58 pm

When Juan Santiago saw what appeared to be one teen sticking up another at West Street and Hyde Park Avenue, he didn't just drive away.

Tom Menino and Police Commissioner Ed Davis today honored Santiago for coming to the aid of the victim on the afternoon of March 7. They say he was stopped at a red light - with his wife and young child in the car - when he saw the robbery going down at the MBTA bus stop there:

By - 3/22/08 - 4:55 pm

Channel 4 reports several people had to be taken to local hospitals when a limo rolled over and hit another car and a tree in Hyde Park this afternoon. With photos of the squashed limo.

By - 3/9/08 - 3:05 pm

Channel 4 reports police are looking for four guys who walked into the Cleary Square Papa Gino's just after 11 p.m. on Saturday and held the place up - right around the corner from the Hyde Park police station. All wore white ski masks; two carried sawed-off shotguns:

Store employees, who were all in their teens, and a manager, were ordered to lay face down on the ground, police said. Workers told police one of the employees was pistol whipped

By - 2/28/08 - 2:58 pm

Boston Police report two teens, 15 and 16, threatened to shoot some guy on River Street near the commuter-rail entrance if he didn't hand over his cell phone around 1:20 yesterday afternoon. Instead, he ran - right around the corner to the Hyde Park police station, where officers quickly arrested the alleged thuglets, who apparently stuck around to see what would happen.

By - 2/4/08 - 1:52 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court judge today sentenced Hassaun Harris to life in prison without parole for the 2006 stabbing death of Jeff Igbineweka of Roslindale over a woman.

"You took something away from me and my family," Shainah Rafael said from the witness stand. "He's not here to see [our daughter] graduate from high school or college ... Every day she asks me, 'Is Daddy Jeff with Jesus?' It's hard. It hurts."

Suffolk County prosecutors charged Harris, 33, stabbed Igbineweka, 28, in the D'Angelo's sub shop on Hyde Park Avenue on Oct. 12, 2006. Igbineweka ran out as he dialed 911 and collapsed across the street in the doorway of the Piece of Pizza pizzeria.

By - 1/21/08 - 11:43 pm

Never mind all the artists moving into the neighborhood. Or all the interesting ethnic eateries. Hyde Park now has a fancy-shmancy wine and cheese shop with a cutesy name: Albert Winestein, 84 Fairmount Ave.

Now if only C.F. Donovan's would open up one of these years.

Via Listed as Questionable.

By - 1/5/08 - 7:44 pm

Twenty people displaced; eight businesses destroyed or damaged in fire that broke out around 3:40 a.m.

The building before the fire:

By - 12/6/07 - 5:35 pm

Michael Rosado, 30, is charged with stabbing Robert Kelley, Jr. to death early on Sept. 26. Boston Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced today Rosado was arrested in Hollywood, Fla.

According to police, EMTs found Kelley lying on Perkins Street, near the Jamaicaway, with multiple stab wounds. He was pronounced dead at Brigham and Women's. Once Rosado is returned to Massachusetts, he'll be arraigned in West Roxbury District Court.

By - 11/26/07 - 7:54 pm

Or maybe it was there all along and I just didn't know about it - until I happened to be sorting the mail the other day and noticed a menu.

In any case, Hyde Parkians don't have to go all the way up to West Roxbury, JP or Norwood for Thai anymore - unless they want a large menu to choose from. The unassuming Asian Thai Eatery, 1084 River St., is really mainly a Chinese restaurant with a few Thai dishes thrown in - don't even think of stopping by if you want pad Thai or golden cups, for example.