Hyde Park

By - 11/13/06 - 2:13 am

Third armed robbery at the store since Sept. 10.

1187 Hyde Park Ave.

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By - 11/6/06 - 8:25 pm

Man shows gun, demands, gets cash.

1187 Hyde Park Ave.

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By - 11/1/06 - 9:39 pm

Victim says he was walking down the street when two men got out of a car, walked up to him and stabbed him. Taken to Brigham and Women's in stable condition.

7 Easton Ave.

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By - 10/16/06 - 3:05 am

Three men getting out of driveway attacked by two men with guns. Suspects forced them inside, where they stabbed the three. All transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

9 Webster St.

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By - 10/12/06 - 9:44 pm

Staggered inside Piece of Pizza following dispute between him and suspect.

Jeff Igbineweka, 28, of Roslindale, pronounced dead at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Police seeking Haussan Leon Harris.

Update: Suspect arrested.

1282 Hyde Park Ave.

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By - 9/28/06 - 9:51 pm

Woman attacked by two other women who took her cash, credit card and driver's license. Taken to Faulkner Hospital for treatment.

920 Hyde Park Ave.

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By - 9/18/06 - 10:41 pm

DedhamBlog marvels that Boston officials are considering a request to the Legislature to let them annex part of Dedham so that a developer can turn the old Stop & Shop warehouse complex on the Readville/Dedham line into a housing development:

... I'd say (Campanelli Companies) must have some pretty deep pockets or some really good friends in high places, but probably both. After all, they're considering a land transfer that hasn't been done in nearly a hundred years with the owners of this housing development as the sole beneficiaries.

By - 9/10/06 - 4:32 am

Clerk found lying face down by the register. Taken to Beth Israel Deaconess for treatment.

1187 Hyde Park Ave.

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By - 8/31/06 - 10:23 am

Taken to Brigham and Women's, where he was pronounced dead.

1502 River St.

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By - 8/17/06 - 9:01 pm

The fire broke out around 7 p.m. and pretty quickly destroyed both the All Grace Harvest Church and a three decker attached to it at 858 Hyde Park Ave., near American Legion Highway. Police blocked off a wide swath around the fire scene for hours - traffic was blocked at Canterbury Street on both Hyde Park Avenue and American Legion Highway.

Channel 4 reports two were injured - one a firefighter; 15 evacuated.

Will lives about a quarter-mile away and reports:

... When the house began to fill with smoke I started closing windows but it kept seeping in no matter what I did. ...

This was the second major fire on Hyde Park Avenue today; around 2 a.m., a two-alarm fire broke out in one of the stores across the street from the Forest Hills T stop (note to Channel 7: That is not Hyde Park and it's not a strip mall).

Photos taken from Grew Hill in Roslindale; you could see and smell the smoke at Washington Street and Metropolitan Avenue.

By - 6/16/06 - 12:25 am

Man found inside motor vehicle, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Taken to local hospital, pronounced dead.

1 Rosa St.

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By - 6/5/06 - 4:50 pm

John Fitz Mentor, 20, of Hyde Park, charged with breaking the driver's side window in a car, then stabbing one of the car's occupants multiple times. Victim treated at Brigham and Women's.

1312 Hyde Park Ave.

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By - 5/21/06 - 1:00 am

Victim spots taggers, tells them to stop; they stab him. Two juveniles, two men, 18 and 19, arrested.

1065 Truman Parkway

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By - 4/12/06 - 8:05 pm

T bus driver orders two obscenity using passengers off; one shows driver a gun and threatens him.

Hyde Park Ave. and Arlington St.

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By - 3/9/06 - 5:36 pm

Before reporting a home invasion to police, make sure there's nothing in your home the police might regard as suspicious - such as ammunition, cocaine and large rolls of plastic bags.

By - 3/8/06 - 2:51 pm

Residents reported home invasion by two gun-wielding men. When police arrived, they discovered ammunition, cocaine, ammunition and various drug-selling supplies. After a warrant was obtained, the two residents were placed under arrest.

The original home-invasion suspects remain at large.

40 Dietz Rd.

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By - 3/2/06 - 12:30 am

Man who reported jumping out his window to escape two hooded thugs was himself arrested when police discovered marijuana and two shotguns.

The two men remain at large.

464 Metropolitan Ave.

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By - 3/1/06 - 2:45 am

21-year-old man found with stab wound to the abdomen; taken to Boston Medical Center with injuries not considered life threatening.

111 Farrar Ave.

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By - 2/5/06 - 6:59 pm


River Street this afternoon.