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Second resident group drops suit against proposed apartment building on Belgrade Avenue at West Roxbury Parkway

The Bellevue Hill Improvement Association in West Roxbury has dropped its lawsuit against a proposed five-story, 124-unit apartment building on the old Clay Chevrolet site on the Roslindale/West Roxbury line.

The group dropped its suit one day before Land Court Judge Kevin Smith was to hear motions in the case - the group's request to change its suit into a "ten taxpayer" suit to overcome objections by developer Jake Upton that none of its members actually live right next to the proposal, along with Upton's request that the judge simply dismiss the case altogether.

Smith is the same judge who had earlier ruled that he didn't think much of another suit brought by residents who lived near the site, but that they could continue if they put up a $200,000 bond to reimburse Upton should Upton prevail.

The Bellevue Hill group agreed to dismiss its suit "with prejudice," meaning it can't bring it again.

The end of both suits means Upton, who has a 99-year-lease on the parcel with owner Neal Clay, can get the permits he needs from the city to begin work on the project, which will include 21 affordable units. Both the BPDA and the Zoning Board of Appeal approved the project last year.

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Can't prevail when you have no case but you can at least force the developer to incur legal fees and demonstrate the "neighborhood character" to anyone else who wants to create housing.

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The Bellevue Hill Improvement Association in West Roxbury

One of the worst NIMBY neighborhood associations in the city. A bunch of well-off people in West Roxbury sitting on properties with massive appreciation who fight any and all new housing anywhere near them.

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I foresee the twice daily traffic jam that will make the SE expressway look like The Indianapolis Speedway.

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There are existing traffic issues in that area, but it's not like all 83 cars will suddenly try to merge at the same time.

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Let us not forget the proposed bike lanes that will interfere with the orderly commute both north/south and East/west of suburbanites through West Roxbury. The backups at the Arthur Lewis Bridge will compare to the situation at the B U Bridge. Time to look at the big picture.

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