Poetry in motion

Steve Sherlock is composing poems for each stop on the Franklin Line - in "sherku" (like haiku, but with two more syllables) - for example:

No family store, no
Five and dime, not here
At Dedham Corporate Center



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    There once was a man from South Station
    Whose bum felt a rumbling sensation
    "It's these seats on the train",
    He was quick to explain,
    "The least-padded seats in the nation."


    Headed North

    One recent night at North Station
    The place was packed with Bruin Nation
    If I can't shove and whine
    My way to track 9
    "MUD" will be my new appellation

    (edited for meter)

    Count me in

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    Getting off at Roslindale Village
    Step around the sippy-cup spillage
    For their housing dollar,
    More space and less squalor
    Brings parents JP- and Somervillish

    (Hey, you try to rhyme with Village...)

    Limerick Challenge

    I am scurrying to get my rhyming dictionary so I can join in the fun here. As I was checking into the nature of the limerick I found that Yesterday's Island actually has a limerick challenge going that picks up on a classical one around Nantucket and Pawtucket.

    You can find the challenge here:


    We need a good T one

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    There once was MBTA worker
    Who said the T should work better
    But everyone said NO
    So the worker went back to their home of Moscow, where the trains must surely work better.

    I know, not that good.

    Ochen ploja, gaspadin!

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    MBTA worker said ha!
    Boston subway goes not very far.
    It is lazy and slow,
    Like Americans, you know.
    Subway rides you in Moskva!

    There was a lady from Franklin

    Well, you got me going folks, as soon as I finish the sherku on the Franklin Line, I'll be looking to complete a set of limericks to go along with each station.

    There once was a lady from Franklin
    who trained in to Boston to do her banking
    but when she got there
    she spent the money on her hair
    and returned all shiny and swanking

    more of these will appear at quiet poet


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    9 12 5 8 9 is not a limerick. It's a lemonrick.

    Once a young lady from Franklin
    Rode the train into Boston for swanking.
    She borrowed the fare
    To get herself there.
    To get back she went into banking.

    (Funny is extra)

    Well let's try again

    She went with her boy from Norwood
    Whose motives it seems were no good
    For once they got there
    She did her hair
    and he left with another from Westwood


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    8 8 5 4 10? ... almost. And the rhyme of Norwood with Westwood? Yeesh.

    A carpenter hailing from Norwood
    Rode trains more often than he should.
    But noone was finer
    Than ticket-punch Dina,
    And his boss sent him out to get more wood.

    Bruins vs Canadiens

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    The Bruins this year have been cracking
    But certainly haven't been slacking
    So let's make some noise
    For Tim and the Boys
    And send them Canadien Habs home packing.

    Bruins, Also

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    They got all the way to game seven
    But they lost before getting to heaven
    They ran out of gas
    And got kicked in the ass
    And just like them, I can't come up with a good finisher.


    Forest Hills

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    Forest Hills has both, you see:
    Arboretum and Cemetery
    On one side of the tracks
    You can walk and relax,
    On the other side push up daisies.