The minimum driving age should remain the same

Although statistics show that 16 year olds more often than people over 20 I believe that the driving age should remain the same. If school would take more time to prepare these children I think that the accident rate will go down. When I was 16 I took drivers ed in high school, and went straight to the dmv and picked up my license. I don't believe I was ready but fortunately I didn't have any accidents. If school would take more time to prepare students then the driving age wouldn't even be an issue.



The problem with this is the

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The problem with this is the fact that schools already have so much to do with MCAS prep that asking them to do substantial driver's ed too is a stretch on resources and seat time.. I have poor vision and can't drive though, so I won't take a position on the age part of it.

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Teen drivers

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It is not the schools responsibility to prepare children for their drivers license. I am not in favour of raising the driving age, but rather increasing the requirements, ie more supervised driving time and extending the junior operators time. Parents need to understand the rules for new drivers (they are not supposed to be driving with other children, except siblings, for six months and have restricted driving times)and enforce these rules.

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teen driving

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I believe that the age should be raised to 17 1/2, this age increase would keep teens off the local drag, every city has one, and it would keep teens from being killed both by preventing alchol use and gang activity! Most of all it would require lazy assed parents to provide SAFE transportation for THERE children and know where they are and what they are doing. Furthure more anyone that exspects the public school system to teach our children to drive is nuts, the public schools have enoff trouble teaching math, reading, ang writing. I lost a cousen two weeks before his 16th birthday because the 16 year old driver he chose to ride with was drunk. This wreck took the life of my cousin, Brian, his girl friend, and trae, the driver!

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