Where's Mel Gibson now?

Of course somebody recorded Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke ranting about Mel Gibson and Kevin Youkilis on NESN last night. And of course he put it on YouTube (Update: And, of course NESN fairly quickly got it removed. Update update: Alternet posts it; tip to Berto):

... Yeah, where's Mel Gibson now? Where's Mel Gibson now? HUH? He's in rehab and YOUKILIS IS AT FIRST BASE. Alright Mel, ya happy, Braveheart? Huh? You see that grab, Mel? Huh? ... We got two Jews on this team, Mel! Where's your father now, Mel? ...

Via Kristin.



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    Fargin' employer

     ... for not permitting any of the media players that would have enabled me to watch this video during my lunch hour today when I first read about it here.  Now?  I'm home with all the software I could want, but no video.  Bah.